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Solution Brief

The Benefits of Color Calibration

VP Series Pro-Monitors

What you'll need

What you’ll need for pro-monitor color calibration:


You use (or are considering purchasing) A ViewSonic® VP Series professional  monitor because of its great color-focused features. What are the benefits of also using a colorimeter to calibrate your monitor?


Most color-focused users, from digital photography hobbyists to career photographers and graphic designers, rely on a colorimeter to achieve the most accurate, consistent on-screen representation of their original digital image files. The reasons for calibrating are many: Our eyes aren’t perfect; even the best monitors experience color shifts; and image file colors themselves aren’t true to life. Plus, highlights and shadow details can get lost, and grays and whites often aren’t consistent.

Calibrating regularly fine-tunes your display to known color reference standards and ensures consistency over time, while bringing back fine details and producing neutral grays and whites.

Developed with color-management expert X-Rite, the ViewSonic® CS-Xri1 Colorbration™ Kit uses hardware calibration to align communication between your graphics card and VP Series monitors for long-term consistency and accurate color. Combining innovative color emitter hardware and sophisticated profiling software, the easy-to-use Colorbration Kit measures ambient light conditions and lets you maintain infinite control of white point, luminance, contrast ratio, gamma, and more, as well as calibrating and profiling your monitor.

With an intuitive all-in-one design and rapid measurement times, the ViewSonic® Colorbration Kit lets you focus on your images with the confidence that the color displayed on your monitor is consistent, accurate and a reliable representation of your original image file – all at an outstanding value.

"I've used the X-Rite i1 Calibration Tool for a few years now," says pro photographer Clay Cook. "It's a calibration system I trust and depend on to guarantee what I capture is how it will look in print."