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Solution Brief

Quick and Easy

Thin Client Management

What you'll need

To deploy new clients, simply:

  • Install the thin clients; connect the LAN cable, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • 4Install the ViewSonic® VDM or VDM Pro software on a host management PC
  • Scan the network or IP range to automatically detect all manageable thin clients
  • Assign the detected thin clients to required user groups by function, as desired
  • Create a profile for each client group, with network information and client settings
  • Push the profile group settings out to the new clients, and allow them to reboot

After the clients are deployed, users can log in and start working.


You recognize that using your current PCs as endpoints with your new or existing VDI deployment will be (or has been) a drain on resources. This drain is especially evident when there’s a need for special PCto- Thin-Client conversion software, OS patches, and constant antivirus or other system updates. You’d like to deploy ViewSonic® thin clients to save space and reduce power consumption, but will they also deliver the simplified maintenance and management you need?


One of the key benefits of ViewSonic thin clients is that they can be deployed, managed, and updated either locally or remotely from a central location. All ViewSonic thin clients include free “professional grade” ViewSonic device management software, making it easy to simultaneously push out configuration information or firmware updates to large numbers of thin clients. This makes it possible to deploy hundreds, or thousands, of thin client devices in a fraction of the time it would take to configure traditional PCs.

The ViewSonic® Device Manager (VDM) software also enables updating of individual or group profile settings as needed. A single instance of the VDM software is capable of concurrently managing 2,000 clients in the same network, while the VDM Pro software steps that number up to 10,000 clients.