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Solution Brief

Polling in a Google Classroom

Using Ximbus with ViewBoard IFPs

What you'll need

What you’ll need for Google Classroom polling:
• A ViewSonic® ViewBoard®(4K resolution available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” screen sizes)
- ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels
or a ViewSonic Interactive Projector (WXGA and 1080p resolutions available)
- Interactive Projectors
• Qwizdom Ximbus™ (SW-117) interactive presentation and collaboration software for Google
- Qwizdom Ximbus software


You want to engage students with frequent, actionable feedback to improve active learning in your Google-based classrooms. Is there a software tool that can be used with ViewSonic ViewBoard to enable efficient, engaging feedback and formative assessment in a Google G Suite for Education (formerly GAFE) environment?


The use of polling (Q & A) with an interactive display has been shown to significantly enhance learning outcomes. To support this important capability in Google-based environments, ViewSonic has partnered with Qwizdom to offer Ximbus interactive presentation and collaboration software for Google.

An easy-to-deploy cloud-based solution, Ximbus expands the teaching power of ViewSonic ViewBoard and interactive projectors by enabling instructors to collaborate with and poll students during lessons – providing instant information on student learning levels.

Instant polling options include Yes/No, Agree/Disagree and multiple choice, letting teachers pose quick, simple questions and receive instant information on student understanding. This valuable feedback enables instructors to pace lessons accordingly, moving on when students have mastered a concept, or backtracking and reviewing content as needed.

In addition to polling, Ximbus delivers the ability to intuitively build lessons from Google documents and other online content, then simultaneously share it on both the classroom ViewBoard and individual Chromebooks – or save and share as a view-at-home assignment for flipped learning.

Ximbus provides easy Google integration with Google log in, contacts, resources and Google drive along with seamless integration with ViewSonic ViewBoard and interactive projectors.

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