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Solution Brief

Oktopus Classroom Collaboration

Leverage ViewBoard IFPs

What you'll need

What you’ll need for classroom collaboration:
• A ViewSonic® ViewBoard® (4K resolution available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” screen sizes)
- ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels
or a ViewSonic Interactive Projector (WXGA and 1080p resolutions available)
- Interactive Projectors
• Qwizdom Oktopus™ (SW-111) interactive presentation and collaboration software
• Free Qwizdom™ Notes + App
- Qwizdom Oktopus software


You’re looking to enable students to interact with content on classroom displays using their 1:1 devices. Is there an easy, reliable software solution that offers seamless integration with ViewSonic ViewBoard?


ViewSonic has partnered with Qwizdom to offer Oktopus interactive presentation and collaboration software, a complete blended learning solution that combines whiteboarding, collaboration, polling and self-paced learning, all of which seamlessly integrate with ViewSonic ViewBoard and interactive projectors.

With a one-time install of the free Qwizdom Notes + App, student devices are enabled to mirror content from the classroom ViewBoard. This allows students to follow along, annotate, add notes and respond to questions during a live lesson session using any iPad, Chromebook, Android, iOS or Windows touch-enabled device.

When the instructor activates collaboration mode and selects students for participation, these select student annotations appear on the classroom ViewBoard for group viewing. When the full classroom is enabled and ready to respond, teachers can gain valuable insight into student understanding using a range of polling (Q & A) options.

An easy to use, always-up-to-date cloud-based solution, Oktopus enables the seamless use of any pre-existing content, including legacy Smart Notebook and Promethean IWB files as well as any application or website. The Blend expansion offers added premium content rigorously designed to state standards.

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