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Solution Brief

Leverage Screen Real Estate

For Added Productivity

What you'll need

What you’ll need to leverage more screen real estate for a boost in productivity:


Your application calls for substantial screen real estate to achieve maximum productivity. However, multiple monitor configurations can be cumbersome to set up, manage and use. Is there a large screen solution that can add ease and efficiency along with enhanced productivity?


Greater screen real estate has been shown to boost productivity in just about any usage scenario. The ViewSonic VX4380-4K 43’’ Ultra HD display offers several features that add efficiency and ease to the enhanced productivity delivered by its expansive screen real estate.

The ability to connect up to four input sources for simultaneous display easily replicates a quad-display setup – without the visual distraction of bezels or the hassles of deploying and managing four separate monitors. Single-source users can also achieve multiple views with exclusive ViewSonic ViewSplit software, which enables users to divide their screen into multiple customizable zones for more efficient multitasking.

These multi-source, multi-picture capabilities make the VX4380-4K an ideal solution for applications such as finance, security, document editing and CAD/CAM design, as well as for use by executives and other heavy multi-taskers. It will likewise meet the needs of home users seeking an easy, single-screen solution for TV viewing, gaming, internet browsing, personal finance and other computer-based activities.

Whatever the application, the clarity of 4K resolution delivers crisp text and clear image detail for easy-to-read graphs, charts and documents while the true 10-bit SuperClear® IPS panel delivers ultra-wide viewing angles and excellent color performance.