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Solution Brief

How to Gain Cost-per-Seat VDI Advantages

HDX Pi Thin Clients

What you'll need

What you’ll need to achieve outstanding cost-
per-seat VDI advantages:

– Raspberry Pi 3 Platform

– Highly Optimized HDX Thin Client

– Digital HDMI output supports displays up to 1920 x 1200

– Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RJ45

– Enhanced peripheral support with four USB (V2.0) ports


You’d like to implement Citrix-based VDI to gain improved efficiency, reliability and data security, but despite the advantages of VDI, the cost-per-seat of thin clients still seems high. Are there any alternatives that lower the costs while still delivering the performance you need?


Although thin client hardware tends to be lower priced than traditional PCs, the capital cost savings has lagged behind other VDI cost advantages, such as support and power consumption. Now, with the introduction of ViewSonic’s Raspberry Pi-based SC-T25 thin clients, you can dramatically lower your VDI client costs as well. This cuts the overall VDI per-seat cost by a fraction and allows you to deploy more thin clients. Offering a groundbreaking degree of powerful, ultra-low cost VDI computing, ViewSonic’s HDX optimized SC-T25 thin clients are ideal for enterprises, SMBs, healthcare organizations, schools, or manufacturers seeking to lower hardware costs related to VDI deployment. ViewSonic SC-T25 thin clients offer cost-per-seat economics that make sense for meeting the needs of everyday knowledge workers plus the power and flexibility needed to satisfy your power users. HDX optimized for the best possible Citrix XenApp™/ XenDesktop® virtual desktop performance, the included free Device Management software ensures easy deployment and ongoing management. Part of ViewSonic’s new line of thin clients that offer a range of affordable, feature rich solutions, the SC-T25 lets you hit your cost-per-seat targets and make a powerful financial case for upgrading your infrastructure to gain the advantages of VDI. There is no need to pay more for your thin client needs, when you get more for less with ViewSonic’s SC-T25 HDX Pi.