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Solution Brief

Flipped Learning with Ximbus

Google Classrooms and ViewBoard IFPs

What you'll need

What you’ll need for flipped learning:
• A ViewSonic® ViewBoard®(4K resolution available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” screen sizes)
- ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels
or a ViewSonic Interactive Projector (WXGA and 1080p resolutions available)
- Interactive Projectors
• Qwizdom Ximbus™ (SW-UP-117) interactive presentation and collaboration software
- Qwizdom Ximbus software


Teachers in your Google-based environment are looking for innovative ways to flip their classrooms and achieve the benefits of online learning opportunities. How can ViewSonic and Ximbus help?


Designed for complete compatibility with Google resources, Ximbus interactive presentation and collaboration software (from ViewSonic partner Qwizdom) makes it easy for instructors to develop Google cloud-based lessons and share them with students – before, during, or after class time.

Teachers simply drag and drop to build lessons from Google documents and other online content. Lessons can then be saved and shared as view-at-home assignments. This enables students to review the material at their own pace and as many times as needed, without pressure to immediately “get it.”

A reversal of traditional use of instructional time, this “flipped” approach helps keeps class time running smoothly, with fewer interruptions for clarification. It is fast becoming the new norm, with 78% of teachers in 2014 reporting having flipped a lesson, 71% of this group noticing improved grades, and 96% of them saying they would recommend this approach to a colleague.*

Ximbus lessons are also ideal for use during class, enabling content display, annotation and polling on the classroom ViewBoard and individual student Chromebooks.

An easy-to-deploy cloud-based solution, Ximbus offers intuitive integration with Google log in, contacts, apps, resources and Google drive, along with seamless integration with ViewSonic ViewBoards and interactive projectors.

*The Flipped Learning Network, 2014. Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright © 2017, ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved. [19288-00B-08/17]

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