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Solution Brief

Boost Classroom Performance

Multi-Zone ViewBoard Viewing

What you'll need

What you’ll need for efficient, multi-zone viewing:

ViewSonic ViewSplit software


Teachers at your school love delivering engaging, collaborative lessons with ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays. Is there a way for them to more efficiently display content on multiple areas of the screen?


Yes! ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewSplit software lets ViewBoard users create and customize their ideal multi-view screen environment for greater efficiency and productivity.

Compatible with any ViewSonic ViewBoard, ViewSplit divides the screen into multiple viewing windows using 10 predefined templates and up to six customizable views, with options ranging from two to six segments. This easy screen segmentation enables simultaneous viewing of multiple apps, documents and web pages – or leave one or more sections open to define an area for students to work at the board.

Another great feature for added classroom efficiency is the last-layout memory function, which gets your class going quickly by immediately accessing what you were last working with. Just open ViewSplit and your preferred layout loads; then, when you open your last-used documents they’ll size and position themselves exactly as you last used them.

Want a change up from your last settings? Further customizing the viewing experience is fast and easy. Just drag and drop open pages into the screen segments and your files and apps will automatically position and resize accordingly. A window-swap function lets you easily move among even more open pages.

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