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Solution Brief

Administrative Benefits

Of ViewBoard IFPs


You want to upgrade your learning environment with new interactive classroom display technology to maximize the benefits of collaborative learning. Beyond the teaching advantages discussed in another Solution Brief, what administrative and cost benefits do ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel (IFP) displays offer?


ViewBoard IFPs offer expanded benefits, greater versatility and better overall total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to conventional projectors and projector-based boards.

Although the initial purchase price for interactive projectors is lower, longer-lifespan ViewBoard IFPs deliver better TCO over time, typically lasting 10 years vs. 3-5 years*, and requiring less maintenance and no replacement parts like bulbs or filters. The absence of licensing fees required by many education-focused interactive board suppliers delivers added savings. With a one-time purchase, schools get an all-in-one interactive solution that includes the media- and browser-ready display and ViewBoard for Education collaborative software, for outstanding teaching versatility.

Deployment is also faster and easier than with many solutions, and when wall-mounted, ViewBoard eliminates the clutter of exposed cords. Trolley-mounted, they deliver cost-effective resource sharing without the need to recalibrate when moved or jarred (as with many projector-based systems), safeguarding teaching time and reducing IT staff needs. ViewBoard set up and management are also simpler and teachers report being able to get up and running quickly and easily. In addition, ViewBoard is quieter to operate and eliminates projector glare and shadows, for less distraction.

Made with a highly durable tempered glass overlay with an antiglare coating for great visibility and strength, ViewBoard IFPs are highly durable, with rounded corners for added protection against bumps, bruises and snagged clothes.

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