What is the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for a reliable ViewBoard Cast network?

In order to have reliable network signal strength to experience ViewBoard Cast optimally, we suggest the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for reliable packet delivery to not be lower than -60dBm.

All vCastSender are suddenly blocked, and cannot cast to vCastReceiver/Airplay.

vCastReceiver and AirPlay support silent upgrade installation, if a new version was silently upgraded it may have blocked the casting function.  Please reboot the ViewBoard or manually click the "AirPlay" program to launch, then the casting function can be restored. 

How can I improve the casting experience?

It is recommended to use a dual-band router and have the ViewBoard connected via an Ethernet cable, and all client devices on a 5GHz Wi-Fi band.

Why can't I find the device name (Cast-XXXX) of ViewBoard Cast on the client list?

ViewBoard Cast software, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to both the same subnet and across the subnet network. 1. Connected ViewBoard devices will show up under “Device List” on the same subnet connection only. 2. Check if the network access restriction is set on the router (such as disabling broadcast ports, etc.); 3. Try to replace the router or connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot again. 4. In an across-network environment, the device name (Cast-XXXX) will not show up under “Device List”. The user will need to key-in the on-screen PIN-code for connection.

Why can't ViewBoard control mobile devices?

In order to ensure the security of user information, mobile phones do not allow any third-party application to control it. Therefore, when using the mobile phone's vCastSender mirroring feature, controlling the mobile phone from ViewBoard is not available.

Why can't ViewBoard control the laptop?

Some anti-virus software may block the touch control function. Please check if anti-virus software is installed on your laptop. If so, please disable the anti-virus software.

What is the minimum video streaming network bandwidth recommended for reliable ViewBoard® Cast casting?

Minimum Bandwidth recommendation: 1 MB/s (Still picture < 100KB/s, Peak value of a dynamic picture is about 1 MB/s) Network packet loss rate: 5% Network latency: 1~30ms: very fast, smooth screen casting. 31~50ms: Good, can screen cast normally, no obvious delay. 51~100ms: Normal, slight latency may occur when the video/pictures are streaming drastically. >100ms: Poor, there may be a freeze, and in serious cases, there may be a drop.

Can multiple screen casting possibly face latency issues, especially with video streaming content sharing?

Multiple screen casting via video streaming can be a heavy load on a network.  To experience ViewBoard Cast with multiple screen sharing with a reliable signal, we suggest the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength is not lower than -60dBm and the minimum bandwidth recommendation is 1 MB/s (Still picture < 100KB/s, Peak value of a dynamic picture is about 1 MB/s). If there is still a latency issue, please reduce vCastSender to not exceed two (2) devices for the best performance. 

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