Beauty in the Mundane

Introducing the ColorPro VP86 Series


Artists render fleeting moments of beauty with their vision.
Eyes always scanning their environment, in search for inspiration. With 100% Adobe RGB,
True 10bit Color, Fogra, and G7 Certification, quality of colors and soft-proofing are guaranteed.
Verify your colors and broaden your palette with ColorPro Sense's Pantone integration.
See it, dream it and print it. Beauty in the Mundane

Award-Winning Design

Maximum Performance. Award-Winning Minimalist Design.

When it comes to beauty and performance, no detail was overlooked..

Check User Centered Design Story

Ergonomic Working Stand

Built-In Desktop Illumination

Special Hue of Black

Intuitive Touch Point Design

Detachable “Dark Room” Hood

More Power for Your Palette


100% Adobe RGB, and true 10-bit color technology delivers amazing accuracy. So your unedited RAW files can be quickly and easily fine-tuned for precision and perfectly printed outputs. Not to mention how our Portable Darkroom can help you eliminate ambient light when you need dark-room focus.

Printing Professionals

With Fogra & G7 certification, plus a Delta E < 2, the VP2786-4K delivers industry-leading printing quality and color fidelity for a soft-proofing process that delivers the truest representation of your work. Colors will be exceptional accurate and consistent on your final output, every time

Photo & Video Coloristes

Our exclusive ColorPro Wheel puts easy access to Adobe software, on-screen displays and color calibration adjustments at your fingertips. Exclusive ColorPro Sense includes instant palette expansion for you to choose from Pantone colors and easily share your vision with everyone in your workflow

The Power of Precision

About 35% larger than sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB puts a greater power of precision in your control. The larger range of color space empowers you to more accurately reproduce and fine tune your RAW files for perfect outputs. Whether for photography competitions, publishing, or soft-proofing a commercial advertising project, you won’t find a more serious color management tool to meet your most exacting requirements.

100% Adobe RGB
98% DCI-P3

Identical From Screen to Print

Recognition by Fogra as a Class A soft-proof monitor and G7 Method certification mean the VP2786-4K has been verified by the most credible global organizations in the printing industry. So any photograph or design you produce on it will achieve the absolute highest quality match between what is displayed on the monitor and the final printed piece – absolutely accurate and consistent with your vision.

Fogra Certified
G7 Idealliance Certified

Flawless Color Reproduction

The Details Don’t Lie

The High Dynamic Range of HDR10 combined means greater control over gamma adjustment for your video and photographic projects. Now you can bring out the subtle vibrance of light,and plumb the depth of your darks with enhanced clarity and unparalleled detail.


HDR 10

Calibrated Uniformity Calibrated Uniformity

Fingertip Color Control

The World's First Professional Monitor With Fingertip Color Control

Sensitivity, balance and perfect alignment harmonize in the ColorPro Wheel interface. Instant color adjustments are just an intuitive click or spin away. You'll be amazed at how quickly it feels like an organic extension of your own hand.

ColorPro Wheel

Your Palette Power Maximize

The exclusive ColorPro Sense can deliver multiple alternate palette suggestions automatically. Just choose any grouping that matches your vision and easily share it with everyone in your workflow for more suggestions on creating your unique color story.

ColorPro Sense
*PANTONE® Colors displayed in the software application or in the user documentation may not match PANTONE-identified standards.  Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color.  PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pantone LLC in the United States and/or other countries.  © Pantone LLC, 2020.

Supercharge Your Workflow with Intuitive Software Integration

Instant access to compatible Adobe Creative Suite or Capture One editing software and on-screen displays is simply a click & spin away with the Color Wheel. Zoom in and out, adjust brush size, brightness settings, opacity and more.

98% DCI-P3

Color Calibration Has Never Been Easier

The ColorPro Wheel makes color calibration simple, fast, and accurate. By integrating the imbedded, lens-based color sensor with the Colorbration+ software, you can control your color with confidence. Software and Hardware combine to give you complete control over your workflow.

*More Colorbration+ supported calibrators.

Quick, Easy Display Adjustments

No more fiddling with the bezel buttons! The ColorPro Wheel affords easy access to on-screen display parameters. Just click and turn to scroll and adjust brightness, contrast, and more.

Quick & Crystal Clear

Let There Be Light!

It's vital to see your workspace and the built-in Backstage Light™ light provides illumination during darkroom conditions. With white, warm white and yellow lights to choose from, you can change the lighting at will.

Instant Darkroom

The removable hood attaches magnetically to help eliminate ambient light for when you need dark room focus. And detaches in an instant.

Magnetic Hood

Exquisite quality out of the box

Each and every one of our ColorPro Monitors is pre-calibrated before it goes in the box. Complete with a color report for you when you take it out: DCI-P3, sRGB, REC709, Uniformit.

Please download your customized report HERE

Factory Pre-Calibrated



  • Display
    Display Size (in.): 27
    Viewable Area (in.): 27
    Panel Type: IPS Technology
    Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    Resolution Type: UHD (Ultra HD)
    Static Contrast Ratio: 1,300:1 (typ)
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 20M:1
    Light Source: LED
    Brightness: 350 cd/m² (typ)
    Colors: 1.07B
    Color Space Support: 10 bit true
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Response Time (Typical GTG): 5ms
    Response Time (GTG w/OD): 5ms
    Viewing Angles: 178º horizontal, 178º vertical
    Backlight Life (Hours): 30000 Hrs (Min)
    Curvature: Flat
    Refresh Rate (Hz): 60
    Blue Light Filter: Yes
    Flicker-Free: Yes
    Color Gamut: Adobe RGB: 113% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    DCI-P3: 112% size / 98% coverage (Typ)
    EBU: 151% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    REC709: 152% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    SMPTE-C: 165% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    NTSC: 108% size (Typ)
    sRGB: 152% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    Pixel Size: 0.155 mm (H) x 0.155 mm (V)
    Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare, Hard Coating (3H)
  • Compatibility
    PC Resolution (max): 3840x2160
    Mac® Resolution (max): 3840x2160
    PC Operating System: Windows 10/11 certified; macOS tested
    Mac® Resolution (min): 3840x2160
  • Connector
    USB 3.2 Type A Down Stream: 4
    USB 3.2 Type B Up Stream: 1
    USB 3.2 Type C Up Stream; DisplayPort Alt mode : 1 (90W power charger)
    Micro USB: 1
    3.5mm Audio Out: 1
    HDMI 2.0 (with HDCP 2.2): 2
    DisplayPort: 1
    Power in: 3-pin Socket (IEC C14 / CEE22)


Safety Compliance