Product Information Sheet


ИНФОРМАЦИЯ Параметр или значение и точность единица измерения
1. Supplier’s name or trade mark ViewSonic
2. Supplier’s address Haaksbergweg 75, 1101 BR, Amsterdam Netherlands
3. Model identifier VS17287
4. Energy efficiency class for standard Dynamic Range (SDR) F
5. On mode power demand in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) 21.5 W
6. Energy efficiency class (HDR)
7. On mode power demand in High Dynamic Range (HDR), if implemented W
8. Off mode, power demand, if applicable 0.3 W
9. Standby mode power demand, if applicable 0.5 W
10. Networked standby mode power demand, if applicable W
11. Electronic display category Monitor
12. Size ratio (X : Y) 16:9
13. Screen resolution (Horizontal x Vertical) 1920 x 1080 pixels
14. Screen diagonal 59.9 cm
15. Screen diagonal 24 inches
16. Visible screen area 15.29 dm2
17. Panel technology used LED LCD
18. Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) available No
19. Voice recognition sensor available No
20. Room presence sensor available No
21. Image refresh frequency rate 60 Hz
22. Minimum guaranteed availability of software and firmware updates (from the date of end of the placement on the market) 9 Years
23. Minimum guaranteed availability of spare parts (from the date of end of the placement on the market) 8 Years
24. Minimum guaranteed product support 8 Years
    Minimum duration of the general guarantee offered by the supplier
3 Years
25. Power supply type Internal
26. External power supply (non-standardised and included in the product box)
    I. Description of the external power supply.
    II. Input voltage
    III. Output voltage
26. External standardised power supply (or suitable one if not included in the product box)
    I. Supported standard name or list
    II. Required output voltage
    III. Required delivered current (minimum)
    IV. Required current frequency