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Comprehensive Video Editing Workshop for Cinematic Films

In this color grading workshop JustKay, a filmmaker and media creative from the Netherlands, will walk you through how he achieves a rich, film-like quality in his work. Through completing this course, you will have gained valuable knowledge, skills, and techniques to elevate your cinematography and storytelling to more captivating heights.

JustKay - Videographer

Kay is a professional filmmaker with a passion for sharing breathtaking places and people’s stories through immersive cinematography.He travels the world in pursuit of unique adventures, cultures, and traditions that he documents with visual depth and unparalleled detail.....


Course Introduction

Discover how to achieve an awe-inspiring cinematic look in your work with this comprehensive color grading workshop. JustKay will guide you through his color grading process using a scene from his thrilling adventure across the Sahara Desert. You’ll also enjoy learning how to transform your footage into captivating visual narratives with his crash course on video editing techniques.

Before & After

JustKay’s Video Editing Set-Up