How to set maximum resolution for my monitor?

Please refer to this FAQ section 1 and set to recommended display resolution.

How to set landscape and portrait Mode?

Several ViewSonic LCD panels support both Landscape and Portrait modes.  If your LCD panel supports this feature, you can switch modes by turning the screen as shown in the diagram below. To change the image on the Windows Desktop, follow instructions below: Open the Start menu and click "Control Panel." Click "Adjust Screen Resolution"...

How to change refresh rate in windows 10?

Please refer to the video on how to change:

Where to download ViewSonic monitor drivers for Win7 64-bits?

Please download the attachment and manually install the drivers under Win7 x64. File URL:

What to do if the monitor shows “Out of range”?

This occurs when the screen resolution is set higher than what the monitor can support. Please adjust to the corresponding resolution.   Step1: Enter Windows safe mode           Please refer to Start your PC in safe mode and follow the section “From a black or blank screen”. Step 2: Change your screen resolution          1. Cli...

Why does image persistence occur with my LCD monitor?

Image persistence (or image retention) is a result of a stationary image being displayed for a long period of time.    <Correction>   Turn off the screen for hours.   <Prevention>   1. Set the display to turn off after a few minutes of system idle under ”Power & Sleep “ (Win10) or “Battery” (Macbook).      2. Turn off the monitor when ...

What to do when a black border coming on the image?

If the image doesn’t fit the screen, please do the following:   1.Check the applied resolution to make sure that they match the settings recommended in the user guide.     To check the resolution in Windows:     (1)Settings > Display > Click on the display that user wants to change the setting         (2)Change the display resolution for ...

Why Auto Image Adjust function is gray out in monitor OSD?

When using a monitor in the digital (HDMI, DisplayPort) connection, Auto Image Adjust and Manual Image Adjust settings may be disabled. This is normal as the monitor will adjust itself when in the digital mode.

How to manually install LED monitor drivers under Win10 64-bits?

If you're not able to install your monitor drivers with the driver pack "Standard Monitor Driver Signed Windows 10 x64 " downloaded from ViewSonic website, please follow below instruction to manually install Win10 x64 driver. 1. Download the attached ZIP file including monitor drivers to your PC and extract it. 2. Under "Control Panel",...

What to do if there is flickering image with my monitor?

Check the monitor: Please do memory recall. Please refer to this FAQ Check device setting: Please check and set to recommended refresh rate.  You can refer to this video.   If possible, please connect monitor to another device with different input.   If above doesn’t help, please contact ViewSo...

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