How to Apply Geolocation Permission on MacOS 14.0 (Sonoma)?

1.     Install vCastSender for Mac_v2.4.231017 on the MacOS 14.0 device. After the installation is complete, launch vCastSender. 2.     In the pop-up authorization window, click “Open System Preference” to enter the Location Services page of the system settings.                  3.     Enable vCastSender authorization on the Location Service...

How do I solve blank screen while sharing the display by ViewBoard Cast after upgraded MacOS to 10.15.2?

Please setup your MacOS 10.15.2 at the path below to get the vCastSender app “Screen Recording” authorized, then reboot the Mac device.    Path: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording > vCastSender        

Why do I get a black screen when using Vcast and Youtube/Amazon prime/Netflix?

vCastSender for Windows/Mac/IOS/Chrome/Android uses the screenshot mode to catch the casting content and works well with most apps, but if the third-party app content is encrypted, e.g. encrypted video/files, vCastSender cannot catch its content because of its copyright.

Why should I enable "vCast" via: Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility?

In Mac OS Mojave or higher, the software must have accessibility permission in order to have touch control.    If you do not need touch control from ViewBoard to Macbook, you do not need to select “vCastSender app” in accessibility permission.

Should I choose “Agree” when 1st time casting from vCastSender on a MacOS to IFP?

When 1st time casting from vCastSender to IFP, MacOS will pop-up a message to ask for audio authorization for "vCastSender". Please choose “Agree” or there will be no sound when casting.   To manually allow access, go to: 1. System Preferences > Security & Privacy. 2. Select the Privacy panel. 3. Ensure that "vCastSender" is checked under ...