myViewBoard October (2020) Production Release Notes

**MVB Production Release Build:

* myViewBoard Classroom v2.7.4 Release Note:

(Reminder: QuickBoard is now myViewBoard)

1.[New Feature]

- Support immersive reader

- Add Russian language support


- The session ID will be added "!" as a prefix

- Allow to import pdf/ppt/svg files from Magic box and only allow to open qb file

- Allow user to import SVG image format from Cloud Drive/Local Drive

- Ability to the teacher customizing the number of groups

- Ability to user join the session with Personal Session ID via

- Set maximum length of student/guest name to 32 characters on sign-in page

- Set the limit canvas number to 30

- Support Mobile phone users login classroom

- Set background Image - 'Gif image” is not supported

- Redefine the Wi-Fi reconnection flow of iPad

- Redesign the flow of the warning message for playing YouTube video

- [Chat Room]Optimize the flow for sending message to CharRoomServer and the rendering flow for VirtualDOM

- [Chat Room]Redesign the flow for restoring chat history

- Change wording of Personal Session ID and allow users to update via hyperlink

- [Adornment Management] Added Zoom out icon

- [Shape] Adjustment pane of graphics shape

- [Text Editor] Immersive reader function enabled when only one text object is selected

- [YouTube] Only supported to play one video at a time

- [YouTube]The Youtube object is not supported to change the layer

- [SyncFlow] Implement a cache service for transferring massive data.


Version: 2.7.4 Introduced in this update:

1. UI reversion

2. [Bug fixed]

1. [Fixed] The user encountered error when they want to bind google classroom

2. [Fixed] After you bind the google drive, it will open another Whiteboard page

Important note:

Session management/Google Classroom announcement/Huddle management/Timer/Draw Straws/Polling/Mini Map removed; .notebook file/.iwb are not supported

* v Release Note:


#18288 Update strings to support translation

#18345 Update the terms in Cast-in/Cast-out pop-ups

#18132 Login - After entering email, you need to click the cursor in the password text box.

#18319 Remove Google Classroom reminder in home page

#18343 Remove a test function - "Available ViewBoards"

#17224 Add hot keys for Poll/Quiz in public portal

#17444 Refine Pop Quiz UI in myViewBoard portal

#17501 Update the names in Download page

#17509 Refine Japanese translation

#17521 Modify to follow logo guidelines

#17525 Correct UI of sign-up page with a narrow width

#17191 Follow SSO button branding guideline

#17650 Refine Pop Quiz icons in myViewBoard portal

#18206 Support multi-language in web page footer

#17094 Show website icons automatically when adding a new tile

#17812 Add entity notification section

#18361 Update Entity Request List to use Create Time descending order

#18045 Refine the hot keys of Poll Quiz in myViewBoard portal

#18216 Support multilingual characters in user's name

#17778 Refine UI and add information in Entity Request List

#17985 Support personal accounts to be MSP

#18221 Support i18n for set as default text in Cloud integrations

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.5 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

 [Fixed] BUG 18364: Background- image set as background issue

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.4 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

Chromebook- Opening the activated MVBA will crash

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.3 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Update What's New content.

[Modification] Update multi language string.

[Modification] Modify QR code share on/off behavior.

[Modification] Check INSTANCE is valid before request Profile data.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 14389: The casting icon should be enhanced.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16264: Chromebook - Can't see the lock icon after you import pdf file.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16843: Color - The displaying of default color of pen and shape should be kept the same after changing theme ( = MVBW )

[Fixed] CRASH REPORT 18099: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to read from field 'boolean com.viewsonic.droid.helper.l1$a.e' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot set 'scaleX' to Float.NaN

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke direct method 'void com.viewsonic.droid.MainActivity$s.a(int, boolean)' on a null object reference

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.2    Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

FEATURE 18102: Proxy server support [Alpha]

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 18157: [Arabic] UI issue

[Fixed] BUG 18174: Shape pen/Magic line pen-Cannot save non-default selection

[Fixed] BUG 18250: You can select .svg and gif fie in the background setting.

[Fixed] BUG 18261: Casting - When drag to move casting window, can hear the clicking sound appears continuously

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: Drawable com.viewsonic.droid:drawable/sel_mlp_bingo_ticket_edu with resource ID #0x7f08049d

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 388812 byte allocation with 300944 free bytes and 293KB until OOM

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.viewsonic.droid/com.viewsonic.droid.MainActivity}:$e: Unable to instantiate fragment com.viewsonic.droid.xd: could not find Fragment constructor

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.1 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] Resource import: Support import SVG image. [Alpha]

[Modification] Modify file browser (grid view) image scale type to centerInside for show SVG object.

[Modification] Add Local background: remove SVG format.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 17114: Logout icon-It should be consistent with MVBW

[Fixed] BUG 18106: Clips widget- It will display an abnormal sign in page

[Fixed] BUG 18160: After you disable all the cloud drive, you still can upload the file to cloud drive.

[Fixed] CRASH REPORT 18200: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.viewsonic.droid/com.viewsonic.droid.MainActivity}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'long' on a null

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.viewsonic.droid.nd$h.a(com.viewsonic.droid.helper.e1, boolean, boolean, boolean)' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean java.lang.String.equals(java.lang.Object)' on a null object reference

*Whiteboard for Android v1.20.0 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] Insert a corresponding URL hyperlink into a screen shot image from the embedded browser.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 15326: [9850-3] The client list can't show completely.

[Fixed] UI_UX 17036: Youtube search-For videos less than one minute, suggest to modify the displaying of total hours.

[Fixed] BUG 17568: [Arabic] UI issue

[Fixed] BUG 17571: [Arabic] Try to import audio/image/video object, but the imported objects can't be selected.

[Fixed] BUG 17627: [Cast out][Chromebook] Execute cast out but the the video will freeze and MVBA will close.

[Fixed] BUG 17635: [Cast out] After you execute capture when cast out function is working, the related function status should be changed. 

[Fixed] Cast: Fix sign-out did not close the screen capture service.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to read from field 'h.b.s com.viewsonic.droid.p2pClient.P2pClientShellManager$f.c' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error receiving broadcast Intent { act=android.intent.action.DOWNLOAD_COMPLETE flg=0x10 pkg=com.viewsonic.droid (has extras) } in com.viewsonic.droid.dd.o2$c@bb9991c

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such column: local_filename (code 1): , while compiling: SELECT _id, local_filename, mediaprovider_uri, destination, title, description, uri, status, hint, media_type, total_size, last_modified_timestamp, bytes_so_far, allow_write, local_uri, reason FROM downloads WHERE ((_id = ? ) AND deleted != '1') ORDER BY lastmod DESC

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState

*Whiteboard for Windows v2.36.4.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[InstallShield]: Add firewall settings for CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe

[Modification]: Disable GPU Acceleration when using Intel HD 530 Graphics Card.

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX] Fixed UI issue when make the current web page as a tool if GPU Acceleration is disabled.

*Whiteboard for Windows v2.36.3.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Use backend server API to get OTA installer file instead of using AWS SDK.

[Modification]: Modified CefSharp configuration to avoids the need to grant camera/microphone permissions.

[Modification]: Use backend API to upload exception file to AWSS3 and create related record.

[Modification]: Update What's New TXT file

[Modification]: Updated Whiteboard icons.

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX 15391]: Fixed -"Using a highlighter to draw a circle on the protractor The thickness of the stroke cannot be changed."

[Bug 18490]: Fixed -"Use thin pen to click icon of pen menu on IFP30, the opened menu is not the thin pen menu."

[Bug 18359]: Fixed -"Tools - MVB4W will crash after closing flashcard tool."

[Bug 18295]: Fixed -"Adorner - The fade in/out animation setting of video objects cannot be saved in .vboard file"

[Bug 18298]: Fixed -"Embedded browser - Press laser pen, all of the colors will display highlight status."

[Bug 18321]: Fixed -"Import box - The .svg type files on presentation mode will display invalid adorner function icon."

[Bug]: Fixed DOT_NET and VC_RUNTIME didn't work on msi silent install.

[Bug]: Fixed some crash problems.

*Whiteboard for Windows v2.36.2.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Change importing document behavior from appending pages to inserting pages.

[Modification]: Refine 3rd party Open Source Library Licenses UI on MVBW.

[Modification]: The laser point should appear on the center of the screen where the main window of Whiteboard for Windows is located.

[Improvement]: Update multilingual strings

[Improvement]: Update What's New YouTube video

[Improvement]: Support Unicode Whiteboard name on installing when user used Unicode Computer name on their device.

[Improvement]: Support DOT_NET=TRUE/FALSE and VC_RUNTIME= TRUE/FALSE parameters on msi installer for mass deployment

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 18148]: Fixed -"When throwing an image from companion app and putting it onto a canvas, it will have an invalid hyperlink"

[Bug 18290]: Fixed -"AI pen - After saving and opening .vboard file including AI pen object, replicating or mirroring the AI pen object will be abnormal."

[Bug 18166]: Fixed -"When zooming in/out and dragging the canvas at the same time, the objects in the table will be affected."

[Bug 18246]: Fixed -"Widget - After importing flashcard widget, adding a new page, saving and opening the vboard file, Whiteboard for Windows will crash."

[Bug 18124]: Fixed -"Import box - The .svg type files will display take picture icon."

[Bug 18286]: Fixed -"AI pen will crash whiteboard if language is French."

[Bug]: Fixed crash problem.

*Whiteboard for Windows v2.36.1.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement]: Upgrade CefSharp version from v69 to v83.4.20 for Embedded Browser.

[Improvement]: Update multilingual strings of Whiteboard and Screen Recorder

[Improvement]: Make UI layout of the main page of Poll/Quiz to be more friendly to longer languages

[Modification] Set user to activated status when entity email user is success of auto activation.

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX 17030]: Fixed -"Tools - When the tool is moved out of the window, it will be difficult to be moved again."

[UI_UX 17977]: Fixed -"Zoom in/out - When import .txt file and zooming in or out, the texts position will be changed."

[Bug 16913]: Fixed -"Adorner - The object will auto spin when set as background of the object."

[Bug 18166]: Fixed - "When zooming in/out and dragging the canvas at the same time, the objects in the table will be affected."

[Bug 18136]: Fixed -"Text - The font setting will not be kept if type texts first and change the setting."

[Bug 18107]: Fixed -"Widget - The .svg image cannot be put in the flashcard widget."

[Bug 18144]: Fixed -"Android_Throw -Some of the Android phone take picture then throw to MVB4W host, import the picture on the canvas will auto change direction."

[Bug 16815]: Fixed -"myViewBoard Clips - After create a myViewBoard Clips widget on the canvas, the embedded browser myViewBoard Clips content will display empty."

[Bug 17901]: Fixed -"myViewBoard Clips - When import two myViewBoard Clips videos on the canvas, the embedded browser myViewBoard Clips web page will display empty."

[Bug 13490]: Fixed -"Embedded browser - The embedded browser content will display white screen but the sound still playing."

[Bug 16804]: Fixed -"Cast - Cannot show the cast function window content successfully when open the window at the first time."

[Bug]: Fixed some crash problems.

*Whiteboard for Windows v2.36.0.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Using a thin or thick pen to tap on the pen menu button to bring up the thick pen menu or thin pen menu.

It is used to be long-press to do that. However, we got many real users complaining about that user experience.

[Improvement]: While user is resizing a USB camera menu, it will preserve its video aspect ratio

[Improvement]: Live Caption shows on the screen where the app is located

[Improvement]: Insert a corresponding URL hyperlink into a screen shot image from the embedded browser

[Improvement]: It remembers the last open location in every cloud drive

[Improvement]: Teacher can go to the next or previous student's answer directly by tapping the previous or next button

[Improvement]: Add EDIDs of IFP32 series

[Improvement]: Update multi-lingual strings

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 18078] Fixed -"Through MVB4W - When close MVB4W, client Display APP screen still connect and playing."

[Bug 17838] Fixed -"Uninstall - When uninstall MVB4W, it will pop a "application not close yet" remind window."

[Bug 18101] Fixed -"Image - The upload file function of .svg file is abnormal."

[Bug 17958] Fixed -"Laser pen - The laser pen icon will display a bizarre color when login MVB4W."

[Bug 17974] Fixed -"Shape - The shape recognize unit of length will not changed when change the settings units."

[Bug] Fixed some crash problems.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.14.4

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fix][Android] Can not throw SVG files

*Companion Android/iOS v2.14.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Improve entity list in Activate Whiteboard & Enroll DeviceManger screens

Updated POEditor strings.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Bug 18400: QR code - MVB4W will not display download QR code window but Companion show "Do you wan to close MVB4W QR code share window"

[Fix] BUG 18145: Android_Status - Companion show "You're offline. Check your connection" information, but the mobile phone Internet network is normally.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.14.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Analytics] Track event of LaserPointer and LaserStroke

Updated POEditor strings.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 18264 Control panel-After opening the APP again, the trash can on the control panel disappears

[Fix] UI_UX 18272: QR code scanner - Companion QR code scanner function can identify sign in QR code image and activation QR code image.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.14.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Multi-functional QR code scanner

[UI] Resize Throw/PopQuiz/PollQuiz icons

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Can not enroll ViewBoard if user click DropDown button to change entity

*Companion Android/iOS v2.14.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Language Support: Russian

Updated POEditor strings.

Upgrade Flutter SDK (v1.20.3)

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Can not throw image on Android 10

*Screen Recorder v1.11.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

Opening the Store version will crash

*Screen Recorder v1.11.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

--Bugs fixed--


*Screen Recorder v1.11.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] New UI for Recorder

[Improvement] Improve the preview window

[Modification] Split streaming feature to new App "Live"

[Modification] Refactor OTAHelper settings.

--Bugs fixed--

Fixed Screen Recorder crash issue: java.lang.IllegalStateException

*Screen Recorder v1.11.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Improve OTAHelper file query compatibility.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 18092: Cannot record sound[6530]    

*MVB Live v1.0.4

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 18740: [9850-3] Live-Pop up the "Cannot record for now..." prompt

*MVB Live v1.0.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

Opening the Store version will crash

*MVB Live v1.0.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

--Bugs fixed--


*MVB Live v1.0.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] New UI for Live

[Modification] Refactor OTAHelper settings.

--Bugs fixed--


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