myViewBoard June (2020) Production Release Notes

**MVB Production Release Build:

* myViewBoard v2.3.4 Release Note:

myViewBoard with Virtual Classroom

[New Features]

Create a new file

Export canvases to a .pdf file

Save canvases into a .qb file

User can now Open .qb files from Google Drive

User can share canvases with a QR Code

Public and huddle group chat rooms

Text editor in student view

Added Tool and YouTube search in Magic Box

User can take a screenshot now. (By a specified window or camera)


The position of rectangle and circle in shape style menu are swapped

The order of icons on the main toolbar has been reordered


Added user join and leave notifications

Added a full screen button for Huddle Management menu

The host is able to see any change inside "Huddle Management" menu.

It will open a new window to proceed when user wants to bind Google Drive or Google Classroom.

* v Release Note:

[New Features]

- Support new languages - Italian and Vietnamese

- Add reCAPTCHA v3 verification to enhance account security

- Forbid signing in for 10 mins if a user has failed to sign in for 5 times in past 10 minutes

- Add myViewBoard Activator instruction in Entity Management. myViewBoard Activator is an Android App used to activate myViewBoard for Android through Google Admin Console.


- Move Last sign-in history into Account Security section

- Remove Google Calendar integration


- Show English wordings when there is no translation in other languages

- Show confirmation dialog before disabling any cloud service for an entity

*MVBA v1.16.4 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Enable Sticky Note UI.

[Modification] Modify cast list URL.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 16846: Sticky Note - The sticky note size in MVBA is larger than the sticky note size in MVBW

[Fixed] BUG 16943: Save file - The imported content can't be saved to Dropbox and GoogleDrive

[Fixed] BUG 16968: Cast out - On some devices, clicking cancel icon of share screen confirmation dialog will make MVBA crash

*MVBA v1.16.3 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Implement] USER STORY 16502: Pseudo 3D Shapes

[Modification] Improve 50-2 accelerator to prevent screen flash.

[Modification] Release Italian support to production version.

[Modification] Add Japanese support in stage version.

[Modification] Update multi language string.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 13270: [9850-3] The garbage shows in the canvas

[Fixed] UI_UX 16788: 3D Shapes-Suggest to define the generated minimum when try to create a 3D shape

[Fixed] UI_UX 16847: Shape - After choosing 3D shape menu, the icon should be highlighted

[Fixed] UI_UX 16851: Sticky Note-After adding Sticky Note multiple times, the position of sticky note will become lower and lower

[Fixed] BUG 16574: File Management - The texts "Cloud Drive" in File Management or Magic Box will disappear after double clicking on it if choose OneDrive or OneDrive for Business

[Fixed] BUG 16713 [IFP70(86H)]SP20搭配MVBA,選擇最細的筆書寫時,會出現兩條線,結束後才會回復成一條線。

[Fixed] BUG 16790 3D shape - When you change the transparency of the 3D shape, you shouldn't change the line of the shape

[Fixed] BUG 16792 3D shape - When the thickness is max, you can't see dotted line of the 3D shape.

[Fixed] BUG 16793 3D shape - When you select 3D shape, you can't long press on the canvas to call out the shape menu

[Fixed] BUG 16794 3D shape - When the transparency value is not max, the dotted line will show.

[Fixed] BUG 16800 hyperlink - The file can't be open if it includes grouped sphere object which is setup the audio hyperlink

[Fixed] BUG 16802 3D shape - For PYRAMID, it loses one line. / Add Cone Shape

[Fixed] BUG 16809: Update-Opening the Screen Recorder app will interrupt downloading MVBA OTA installer

[Fixed] BUG 16811: Sticky Note - Click Delete All and then the text editor function will disappear.

[Fixed] BUG 16862: AI pen object-Some objects cannot be filled in color

Fixed when use wireless mouse will cause App recreate.

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found

*MVBA v1.16.2 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Implement] Pseudo 3D Shapes [Alpha: CUBE, SPHERE, PYRAMID]

[Improve] USER STORY: Add Sticky Note Function.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 15274: It should only show the folder when you want to export file to cloud drive.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16266: Tool- Enable the disabled cloud should not change the chosen tool

[Fixed] UI_UX 16351: Sticky Note - Please enhance the UI in chromebook.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16355: Sticky Note - The icon size should be adjusted.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16495: Sticky note- The virtual keyboard will pop up after doing something

[Fixed] UI_UX 16555: Sticky note-The function icons of text style are not obvious in education and sports themes when they are applied

[Fixed] UI_UX 16765: 搜尋圖片yummy,有些圖片無法顯示在螢幕上

[Fixed] BUG 15943: Sticky Note - Can't save the sticky note to iwb file

[Fixed] Bug 16251: Box - It will show "Fail to upload a file to your Box" when you want to save file.

[Fixed] BUG 16542: Cast in webview - The cast in list in cast in preview window cannot be scaled properly

[Fixed] BUG 16566: Save file- The saved file will appear in the root of Box after saving file again

[Fixed] BUG 16634: Page manager-The scroll bar in page management does not appear immediately if copy pages

[Fixed] Refactor DotComURL to improve encryption

[Fixed] Continuous start playing multiple CastSrc can't work.

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.SecurityException: com.youdao.hindict from uid 10228 not allowed to perform READ_CLIPBOARD

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean java.lang.String.isEmpty()' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.SecurityException: UID 10078 does not have permission to content:// [user 0]

*MVBA v1.16.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Add Italian support in stage version.

[Modification] Update the clips url.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Casting out to multiple peers doesn't work.

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.SecurityException: UID 10078 does not have permission to content:// [user 0]

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.content.res.Resources$Theme android.content.Context.getTheme()' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 8302092 byte allocation with 737536 free bytes and 720KB until OOM

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.SecurityException: Media projections require a foreground service of type ServiceInfo.FOREGROUND_SERVICE_TYPE_MEDIA_PROJECTION

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered: com.viewsonic.droid.helper.z0$a@4490c93

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void java.lang.Thread.join()' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash issue: android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: Unable to find explicit activity class {}; have you declared this activity in your AndroidManifest.xml?

*MVBA v1.16.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] [Alpha] Initially integrating the Casting-Out feature in Stage version.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 14403 When the menu bar is in left/right side, the page management should show as vertical list

[Fixed] UI_UX 16421: FLV file-Please block flv files

[Fixed] UI_UX 16533: Screen saver-After Auto logout, the screen saver should continue to run

[Fixed] UI_UX 16537: When there is no cloud bound, the UI will be incorrect if you want to save PopQuiz result.

[Fixed] UI_UX 16538: Document Camera - Please follow MVBW to change the default resolution of document camera to 640x480

[Fixed] UI_UX 16549: Background menu-Some background images will make the remove icon be unable to be seen

[Fixed] UI_UX 16578: Adorner - The thickness icon on the adorner of AI pen object can be hidden

[Fixed] UI_UX 16601: Please modify the icon of "MyViewBoard Clips"

[Fixed] BUG 16294: Can't save file in IFP model before activate MVBA

[Fixed] BUG 16570: Hyperlink-The music will stop after deleting or erasing any objects

[Fixed] BUG 16575 Laser Stroke - Change the color of highlighter, but the color of laser stroke will not change immediately.

[Fixed] The Local Save Forbidden did not handle correctly when user sign-in w/wo cloud binding.

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 0, size is 0

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'boolean' on a null object reference

*MVB4W v2.32.3.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] The whole application will switch to RTL layout after user changes the display language to Arabic (still waiting for Arabic translations)

[Modification] Remove Google calendar related feature as request

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 16739] Fixed "Protractor - The pie created from protractor will become to arc after mirroring"

[Bug 16664] Fixed "Shape - When change to 3D shape style menu, there is not any icon highlighted, but can still create 3D shape on canvas"

[Bug 16602] Fixed "Search Result - The search result in YouTube and image search should not be kept after logout and using another account to login"

[Bug 16722] Fixed "Adorner - The object will auto spin when crop the object."

[Bug] Fixed crash problem when create folder/ rename folder on local drive that need administrator privilege. Ex: "C:\Users"

[Bug] Fixed crash problem when upload a file that large than 2 gigabytes size to Google Drive.

[Bug] Fixed "Video object thumbnails not display in page management while open a vboard file which contains videos."

[Bug] Fixed "After click next or previous page, video thumbnail in previous page is gone in page management"

[Bug] Fixed "Pen color is not changed when you select the black color circle and pick a color."

[Bug] Fixed crash problems.

*MVB4W v2.32.2.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature]: Support MOE (Ministry of Education) Taiwan SSO sign in

[Modification]: Remove the bottom left and bottom right corners of main menu bar docking areas, because no one docks the main menu bar there

[Modification]: Apply new myViewBoard Clips URL, and keep old Clip items backward compatible.

[Improvement]: The following menus are truly support RTL layout

. Screen recorder menus

. Main window

. Poll/Quiz menus

. Color picker

. SSO sign in menu

- [EasterEgg]: add more splash screen images of international days

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX 16746]: Fixed "myViewBoard Clips - Use embedded browser launch myViewBoard Clips website should be display video list on the top."

[Bug 16730]: Fixed "myViewBoard Clips widget - Cannot display video list successfully when press "myViewBoard Clips" widget."

[Bug 16736]: Fixed "Poll/Quiz - After opening a .vboard file including poll/quiz question, finishing it and exporting as .csv file will make MVB4W crash"

[Bug 16481]: Fixed "Polling/Quiz - Long press one of the questions, the select frame will always display on this question."

[Bug 16426]: Fixed "Open file - Open include the "Polling / Quiz" .vboard file, MVB4W will force close."

[Bug 16326]: Fixed "Magic box - Image can not drag and drop"

[Bug 16478]: Fixed "Units - The shape's units display will cut."

[Bug]: Assign log path for cef, or it will generate "debug.log" on installed path or current path depends on privilege.

*MVB4W v2.32.1.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] The following menus are truly support RTL (Right To Left) layout

. Side toolbar adorner

. Message box

. Text editor

. Document camera menu

. Web page widget

. Notification panel

. Preview recorded video menu

. Media player panel

. Host information panel

. Progress panel

. Proxy server authentication menu

. AI pen menu

. Sticky note management menu

. Sticky note editor

. What's New menu

[Improvement] [Poll/Quiz] Add QRcode page, refine some UI pages.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 16631] Fixed "Hand-writing fail using pen."

[Bug 16535] Fixed "When open vboard file, it will create a folder and a txt file in the same location."

[Bug 16007] Fixed ".Enb file import - The content of some .enb files cannot be displayed normally after importing."

[Bug 16447] Fixed "Import - MVB4W display error window when drag a png image and drop on the canvas through embedded browser."

[Bug 16658] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - Sometimes cannot display the "Free Response" type question result content."

[Bug 16687] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - Open a include "Polling / Quiz" questions .vboard file, some of the questions have finished but the "Polling / Quiz" window display "0"."

[Bug 16641] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - Some of the responder name will cut In the "Attendees" table."

[Bug 16576] Fixed "Pollying / Quiz - Press "Refresh" button many times cannot clear the responder name."

[Bug] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - The result is incorrect when you save a quiz first without play, then operation Polling/Quiz process again."

[Bug] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - The host name is incorrect when you open an vboard file that contain Polling/Quiz first before sign in."

*MVB4W v2.32.0.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: The flow direction of menu will not modify when placing the main tool bar on the right side of a screen

[Modification]: While converting handwritten texts to typed texts, it will use the current font size of the text editor

[UX Improvement]: While user shows the host info panel, it will close all sub-menus first

[Improvement]: User is able to hide or show the toolbar of the document camera menu

[Improvement]: The following menus fully support RTL (Right to left ) UI layout:

. Sign in menu

. Image color removing menu

. Background management menu

. Cast in screen

. Embedded browser

. Eraser style menu

. File management menu

. Hyperlink management menu

. Image cropping menu

. Immersive Reader menu

. Meeting management menu

. Notification panel

. Magic Box

. Page management menu

. Pen style menu

. Infinite canvas menu

. Resource upload menu

. Pop Quiz menu

. Settings menu

. Shape/Line/Table menu

--Bugs fixed--

[Bug 16516] Fixed "Zoom - may not launch Zoom application after host a meeting."

[Bug 16338] Fixed "Page - Sometimes, after copying page, the current page may not be turned to the copied page"

[Bug 16193] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - The Polling/Quiz function cannot use."

[Bug 16524] Fixed "Mind mapping connector - The adorner will not appear if click on the mind mapping connector directly to select"

[Bug 16529] Fixed "Table - After creating and inserting the circle/ellipse in table directly, use lasso to select the original position of the shape, it will be selected"

[Bug 16441] Fixed "[Eraser]The clear area function cannot clear lines drawn in shapes"

[Bug 16481] Fixed "Polling/Quiz - Long press one of the questions, the select frame will always display on this question."

[Bug 16509] Fixed "Hyperlink - Use paste and  the "Paste" icon, the Text content display will different."

[Bug] Fixed crash problems.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.6

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 16915 After calling the virtual keyboard, the QR code scanner will break

*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.5

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Hide "Display Management"

--Bugs fixed--


*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.4

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] Refine wording

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Exception collected by

*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] ViewBoard Enrollment (for admin users)

[Feature] User can scan to download files of "QR code share"

[Improve] Scan URL to get host name for Throw and Pop Quiz

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Software keyboard will be dismissed after submitting answer on free response screen.

[Fix] Can not click throw button if user go back to Pop Quiz screen

Sync localized strings with POEditor

Update help url

*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Upgrade Flutter SDK (v1.17.0)

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] PlatformException of QR code scanning (collected by

*Companion Android/iOS v2.10.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Support Chrome OS

[Feature] Language support: Japanese

--Bugs fixed--

[UI] New icon of Poll/Quiz

[Fix] BUG 16437 Add localized hint of Laser Stroke

[Fix] UI_UX 16552: Poll/Quiz - Please limit the amount of texts in response field for Free Response Question

[Fix] UI_UX 16548: Poll/Quiz-Please change my name field to gray background and remove the bottom line

[Fix] Can't join poll/quiz again with the same name.

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Last modified: Jan 2023

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