headshot of bonny cheng in two layers, with a sheer topheadshot of bonny cheng in two layers, with a sheer top

Bonny Cheng

Chief Operating Officer

Bonny Cheng is the chief operating officer of ViewSonic Corporation, a leading global provider of visual solutions. Ms. Cheng oversees product design, R&D, manufacturing, and global sales and marketing. Her mission is to effectively align resources with strategic corporate initiatives, ensure operational excellence, and inspire the organization to deliver outstanding products and services.

Ms. Cheng began her career as a purchasing agent 20 years ago. Her proactive sourcing and excellent negotiation skills helped ViewSonic diversify its product portfolio, mitigate risk through supply diversification, and increase profitability. Promoted to general manager in 2009, Ms. Cheng spearheaded ViewSonic’s new flagship product category—large format displays. Six years later, Ms. Cheng was appointed president of ViewSonic’s global product group, responsible for product development worldwide and external communications. In 2019, Ms. Cheng was promoted to chief operating officer to guide the company in business opportunities and increase growth. In her current role, she leads the company through organizational and team development, process improvement, innovative product development, strategic relationship building, and business expansion.