What do I need to do before installing the System Control Box Cover for a DVLED Display?

Answer: Before attaching the System Control Box Cover, connect the control box’s power cable to the control box cover's Power Button, and then install the cover with screws to complete the installation of the System Control Box.

What happens if I didn't wear Anti-static gloves when handling LED modules on my DVLED Display?

Answer: There may be damage to the LED module's circuitry. Please check for unlit LEDs and refer to the LED Acceptance Criteria to replace appropriately. Related link: "Do I have to wear the anti-static gloves when installing LED modules for the DVLED Display?"

How do I know which way is correct when mounting LED modules on a DVLED Display?

Answer: The correct orientation when installing the LED module is with the arrow (towards the center of the module's PCB side) facing up. 

I need detailed product dimensions, where can I find Mechanical drawings of DVLED products?

Mechanical drawings will vary by model. The mechanical drawings can be found for the appropriate User Guide.  Solution   LD108-121: LD135-151: LD163-181: LD216-251:

Do I have to wear the anti-static gloves when installing LED modules for the DVLED Display?

Answer: Yes. Anti-static gloves prevent electrical discharge from the hands, preventing potential shorting of the LED module.

When should dehumidification be done for my DVLED?

Dehumidification should be done when the dvLED display is: being installed for the first time, in a rainy season, a snowy season, and/or in a coastal area, un-used for a long time (3+ months)

Is there another way to run the Power Cable for DVLED Displays?

Answer: The power cable can be ran through the back or bottom hole of the system control box, in order to connect power. Please click this link to see full location details.

Where is the back hole location for where the system control power cable can pass through on DVLED Displays?

Refer to the schematic below for dimensions and approximate location of the power cable back hole. Note: HDMI/USB back hole configurations are displayed here, however, your current firmware may not support the HDMI back hole configuration.

What do I do if there's damage on the DVLED flight case that I received?

Answer: If you are the recipient of the DVLED flight case, you must document any damage to the fight case onto the BOL (bill of lading). For information on potentially damaged or missing contents inside the flight case, please refer to "I'm a DVLED installer, but I need to ensure shipment corresponds with what is supposed to be provided. What a...

What are things to be aware of when routing Ethernet cable through back hole on my DVLED Display?

Answer:  The USB to RJ45 adapter needs to be independently purchased in order to connect the USB port to the motherboard. Cables should not be affixed too tight or have too much tension to avoid damage to USB cable and/or USB port

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