How does ViewSonic select LED pixels for DVLED to ensure color uniformity?

Answer: ViewSonic selects LED pixels with similar wavelengths to produce the Direct View LED display. This results in a uniform color in a perfect color presentation.

How does ViewSonic ensure brightness uniformity for the LED pixels on a DVLED display?

Answer: The brightness of each LED is calibrated using a calibration software to attain brightness uniformity on the DVLED display. When LEDs from the factory are not calibrated, the brightness will be different across the display. A brightness calibration is recommended if there are differing levels of brightness.

Why do some DVLED products have Copper wires or Gold wires as the bonding wire? What's the difference?

Answer: Gold (Au) is used in mid- to high-end products as the bonding wire. Copper (Cu) is often used in mass-marketed products as the bonding wire. Products using Gold have a higher and more consistent product quality. Heat also dissipates less, making it more energy efficient (~10%). Since it has more stable physical properties, it relativel...

What is a partitional power-on protection, and why is this design used for dvLED?

Electrical appliances at the moment of startup have a much higher current and power draw than normal operation. Since dvLED products are composed of many LED modules and if they are all turned on at the same time, a sudden increase in power draw may occur resulting in electrical wear and tear.  Solution To ensure the electrical ...

How do I adjust LED module edge brightness on my DVLED Display?

When you find that the edge brightness of the LED module is different from that of the adjacent modules, the following procedure below can be followed in order to resolve the problem: Solution Step 1: Use the USB B-to-A cable and HDMI cable to connect the display to the computer, and switch the display's input source to HDMI. Step 2...

LED Module(s) are improperly functioning on my DVLED Display, what is the troubleshooting process?

If one or more LED modules are improperly functioning by: image distortion, color distortion, no display image, flashing display image, please refer to the "Standard Display Troubleshooting" solution below. Solution Step 1: Ensure the LED module is installed in the correct orientation before proceeding. Step 2: Check proper funct...

I received 2 power cords for my 216" DVLED Display, does it require both?

Answer: Yes, the 216" DVLED Display requires 2 power cords (differs from the standard requirement). Each power cord produces 3300W. The power a 216" Display produces is greater than 3300W. 

How do I change the Time Zone on my DVLED Display?

Answer: Users can enter the setting screen from the main menu, select Date & Time under System, and select the correct time zone to complete the time zone setting.

How do I change the default startup channel (source) on my DVLED Display?

Answer: You can set the entry screen after the display is turned on. From the main menu go to Display settings then Startup & Shutdown. Choose whether to continue the input source from last shutdown, or to specify a specific source (Home, HDMI, myViewBoard Display, or vCast).

How do I lock the remote control for my DVLED Display?

Solution To lock/unlock the infrared remote control, enter 1,1,6,9 on the remote control and press OK. To lock/unlock the remote control keypad, enter 1,1,6,8 on the remote control and press OK. Recommended Links "What are the remote's button functions for the DVLED display?" "Why is the DVLED Display remote control having troubl...

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