What are the Product dimensions and weight for dvLED displays?

Refer to the tables below for dimensions and weight by dvLED product.  LD108-121 Width Height Distance Weight w/o wall mount 95.31” (2420.8mm) 57.81”  (1468.45mm) 1.38”  (35mm) 194.01 lb (88 kg) With wall mount 95.31” (2420.8mm) 57.81”  (1468.45mm) 2.2”  (56mm) 209.44 lb (95kg)   LD135...

Do dvLED displays have power protection during on/off?

Answer: Generally speaking, low-end LED displays do not have a power protection mechanism and are more susceptible to damage. Users should avoid repeatedly turning on/off the power to avoid damaging the display for all models. 

What is the power consumption of dvLED displays?

Answer: LED displays do not have a fixed power consumption and are rarely at maximum power consumption. Therefore, power consumption will vary. Maximum power consumption will be achieved for pixels emitting white light. Pictures with more white light will result in higher brightness, therefore, consuming more power. Higher overall bri...

What are the DVLED installation conditions of the environment?

Product installation conditions: 1. Installed in a well-ventilated area, indoors. 2. Ideal ambient room temperature at 22℃±10℃, with an ideal relative humidity of 25% to 75% without condensation.  3. Installation location is more than three meters away from air conditioning. 4. Installation location is away from heat sources (e.g. radiators...

Does Power Consumption differ across dvLED products?

Power Consumption will vary by model. Please refer to the table below to see full power consumption details for the listed dvLED products: LDM108-121 Normal 1330W Max 1900W (White Pattern, Brightness 100%) ≈570W(256 Grey Pattern, Brightness 100%) LD135-151 Normal: 2030W Max 2900W (White Pattern, Brightness 100%)  ≈870W(256 Grey Pa...

What are the Flight Case dimensions and weight for my dvLED Display?

Flight case dimensions and weight will vary by model. Please refer to the table below for Flight Case dimensions and weight by dvLED product: LD108-121 LD135-151 LD163-181 LD216-251 Dimensions (W x D x H) 58” x 27” x 34” (1470 x 850 x 680 mm) 71” x 30” x 34” (1800 x 850 x 745 mm) 83” x 32” x 34” (2100 x 850 x ...

What is "Dehumidification" service for dvLED displays?

The Dehumidification service (or Dehumidification process) can be used to protect the LED module(s) by displaying a dark screen and gradually transitioning to a lighter screen. The concept is to gradually remove humidity by slowly heating up the circuitry - since a lighter colored screen uses more power than a darker colored screen. The total p...

Should untrained installers or technician install and/or service a dvLED?

Answer: It is recommended to only have installers, technicians, or other personnel that have completed Installer Certification Program (ICP) training to operate Direct View LED Displays. 

What is the Installer Certification Program for DVLED displays?

Answer: Installer Certification Program is a training for installers, resellers, or other technical personnel to build skills and knowledge for confident and repeatable service and quality of installation for Direct View LED Displays. The program consists of Theory (Lesson 1 Working Principles, Lesson 2 Easy Installation, Lesson 3 Ease of Troub...

Do ViewSonic DVLED displays support anti-blue light?

Answer: DVLED displays do not support anti-blue light at this time.

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