How to create a customized space

You can create and set up your own space with the "Customize My Space" feature 

1. Log into your account in UNIVERSE

If you do not have an account, you can click here to register a trial account for 30 days.

2. Click on the house icon in the sidebar located in the top right corner  

If you are not able to see the sidebar, press "Tab" on your keyboard. 


3. Click "Customize My Space", enter the name of the space, and choose the size and layout


  • Size

The size will determine the capacity of how much furniture the space can hold. 

Small size: up to 30 seats

Medium size: up to 56 seats

  • Layout

The default layout automatically distributes the seats across your space. You may move the objects around according to your needs.

The empty layout provides an empty space where you can set up the objects to your liking. 


Last modified: Jun 2023