How to create a collaborative space

Within the space, there are various boards available for teachers and students to share their work or any relevant information. To project their content onto a board, users simply need to approach it and press the "E" key. This feature enables all users to view the content simultaneously, facilitating discussion and promoting engagement and collaboration.

1. Log into your account in UNIVERSE

If you do not have an account, you can click here to register a trial account for 30 days.

2. Click on the house icon in the sidebar located in the top right corner 

If you are not able to see the sidebar, press "Tab" on your keyboard.

3. Click "Collaborative" in "Create Space" 

Please click the blue button "Create Space".

4. The features of Collaborative Room

There are two kinds of interactive boards for you to use in the Collaborative space.

  • Whiteboard

  • Collaborative Board

Whiteboard: Press "E" to share any web pages or images.

Collaborative Board: All attendees can use this board at the same time.

5. Invite students to the collaborative room

After creating the collaborative room, you can copy and send the room ID to "Chat" for students to join.

Last modified: Jun 2023