How to create a classroom

1. Log into your account in UNIVERSE 

If you do not have an account, you can click here to register for a trial account for 30 days.

2. Click on the house icon in the sidebar located in the top right corner 

If you are not able to see the sidebar, please press "Tab" on your keyboard.

3. Click "Create Space" 

From here, you can choose the space type that you would like to use.

4. The features in Classroom

4-1. There are two learning modes for teachers to use: Lecture Mode and Discussion Mode.

  • Lecture Mode: All the students will be muted and forced to sit down immediately. Teachers can grant students permission to share their screen or answer a question while in this mode.

  • Discussion Mode: Students are able to move around freely and interact with classmates.

4-2. Pop Quiz: Easily quiz your students (with T/F, single-choice, or multiple-choice questions) to check if they're following along.

4-3. Participant list: Teachers can check the list of students and check if students are engaged in class.

5. Invite students to the classroom

After creating the classroom, you can copy and send the room ID to "Chat" for your students to join the class.

Last modified: Jun 2023