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Toets Features
  • 10 predefined templates & screen division of up to 6 task windows
  • 6 customizable layout can be saved
  • Windows swap & auto-fit region
  • Last layout memory

Product Omschrijving
ViewSplit is software designed to increase efficiency and boost productivity on ViewSonic ViewBoards. It allows users to place task windows into predefined organizational templates or into their own customized layouts. Task windows are displayed according to a user’s preferences and allow users to analyse multiple pieces of information at once without needing to make any additional adjustments. ViewSplit features Windows Swap and Auto-Fit Region, which allows users to prioritized task windows and conveniently position them for easy access. The Last Layout Memory feature allows users to access their previous templates quickly and effortlessly. ViewSplit is the ideal software solution for efficient organization of multiple desktop windows.
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