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  • LCD
    Type: 1.6 cm / 0.63" (×3) Poly-Si TFT with Micro Lens
    Resolutie: XGA 1024×768 (native) / Full HD 1920×1080 (compressed)
    Lens: 1.2× Manual optical zoom / Manual optical focus
    Digital Keystone: Auto vertical digital keystone correction: ± 30 degrees
    PC: Analogue: VGA to Full HD
    Mac®: Analogue: Up to XGA (may require Mac Adapter)
    Fysiek (BxHxD): 325 × 112 × 260
    W x H x D mm: 462 × 195 × 359
    Projector, power cords, VGA cable, USB cable, wireless remote control, lens cap, soft case, ViewSonic Wizard CD, Quick Start Guide
    3 years on-site product warranty and a limited one year lamp warranty
    Speaker: 1 x 7W
    Frequency: Fh:31-92 KHz, Fv:48-120 Hz
    Video: RGB Analogue, NTSC M, NTSC 4.43, PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 60), SECAM, SDTV / EDTV (480i/p, 576i/p), HDTV (720p, 1080i/p), HDTV (480i/p, 576i, 720p, 1080i/p)
    Digital: 1 × DVI-I
    Audio Out: 1 × 3.5mm mini jack
    PC RGB Input: 1 × 15-pin mini D-sub
    Composite Video Input: 1 × RCA jack
    S-Video Input: 1 × 4-pin mini-DIN
    Component Video Input: 1 × RCA jack
    PC RGB Output: 1 x 15-pin mini D-sub
    Audio Input: 2 × 3.5mm mini jack, 1 (L/R) × RCA jack
    Controle: 1 × RS-232 (9 Pin D-sub)
    USB: 1 × USB type B (for mouse control only
    Spanning: 90~120VAC/220~240VAC (Auto Switching), 50/60Hz (universal)
    Consumptie: 255W (Typ.) / <5W (Stand-by mode)
    Basic: Keystone, Vol +/-, Input, Menu, Blank, Auto
    OSD: Picture: <Computer Mode> Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Display mode ( Natual, Cinema, Daylight, Greenboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard), Color Temp. ( High, Mid, Low, User: User Red, User Green, User Blue) <Video Mode> Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Display mode, Color Temp. ( High, Mid, Low, User: User Red, User Green, User Blue), Color, Tint

    Audio: Volume, Audio Channel Setting ( RGB, DVI-I, Video, S-Video, YPbPc)

    Image: <Computer Mode> H Posititon, V Position, Phase, Frequency, Auto Keystone, V Keystone, Resize, Auto Syne, Auto Search <Video Mode> Auto Keystone, V Keystone, Resize, Auto Search

    Setting: Language (12 languages), Select Source, Logo Setting, Lamp Mode ( Normal, Economic), Lamp time, Reset Lamp Timer, Reset Filter Timer, Filter Counter

    Option: Zoom/ PAN, Still, Blank, Reset All, Auto Ceiling ( Front, Ceiling, Rear, Ceiling and Rear)

    Advanced: PIN Lock Protection, Modify PIN, Auto Brightness, DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio), Closed Caption, Blank off, Auto on ( lamp on), No signal off
    Temperatuur: 41ºF-95ºF (5ºC-35ºC)
    Luchtvochtigheid: 20%-80% (non-condensing)
    Altitude: 0 to +10,000 ft
    Netto: 3.0 kgs
    Bruto: 6.3 kgs
    Contrast Ratio: 650:1
    Display size: 1.0m-7.6m / 40"-300" (Diagonal)
    Aspectratio: 4:3 (native) / 16:9
    Throw Distance: 1.1m-10.5m (43.3"-413")
    Throw Ratio: 1.4:1 - 1.7:1
    Lamp type: 220 w
    Helderheid: 2700 Lumens
    Lamp life ( Normal / Eco / Dynamic Eco ): 2000 / 3000 (hours)
    Normal: 32dB
    Eco-mode: 29dB
    Short Throw Feature, DVI with HDCP suppor t, Supports Dynamic Contrast ratio, 6 default picture mode for different environment usage, Auto off and on