How to change the projector image orientation

Open the projector Menu and go to System Setting: Basic> Projector Position and choose one of the four available options: Front Table Rear Table Ceiling Front Ceiling

What is the maximum resolution for the projector.

To locate the maximum or native resolution for a projector, there are a few places this can be found.  We highly recommend using the native resolution for LCD displays as this will provide the clearest possible image from the device. Check the product page for your model on the Viewsonic website and you will see the native resolution displaye...

How to clean the projector lens

To clean the projector lens, do the following: Apply a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth. Do NOT spray the cleaner directly onto the lens. Avoid abrasive cleaners/solvent, as they may permanently damage the lens. In a circular motion gently wipe the lens clean. Replace lens cap if projector is not to be used.

How to make the screen fit my projector's display area?

Please refer to this FAQ:   How to solve the overscan problem with my monitor?

How to solve “Out of range” when connecting PC/laptop to a projector?

Please refer to this FAQ.

How to reset lamp timer

After replacing the Projector Lamp, resetting the lamp timer is highly recommended to help keep track of how long the lamp has been on. The Lamp Timer will also let you know when the lamp needs to be replaced. The Lamp timer can be found in the projector Menu. The specific location of the timer can be found in different locations depending ...

Why a black border on the top/bottom or sides of the image from the projector?

Please check below:   1.Plesae refer to the user guide and adjust Aspect ratio with example below.   2. It could be the format of the movie since not all movies are formatted in 16:9. Some are formatted wider than 16:9 which will create black borders on the top and bottom of the screen.

Projector turns on initially but then cycles off

Projectors may shut off for a couple different reasons. If the projector over heats, check to see if there is enough ventilation for air to be circulated around the unit. Make sure fans are running and that there is no obstruction. Let it cool, clear obstructions and check fans when turning the unit back on. After market lamps may cause a...

What to do if there is high pitched noise coming from the projector?

Please connect the projector to a different AC outlet.   Connect the projector to another computer/player.   In case above crosscheck remains the same result, please contact ViewSonic service center.

Noisy Fan

If a fan begins to make a rumbling noise this may indicate a problem with the fan. Fans are essential to maintain optimal operating efficiency of the projector; so it is strongly recommended that the unit be sent in for service to replace the fan. If it seems like there is something hitting the fan blades it could mean that there is an obstru...

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