Why is the DVLED display not turning on when I press the power button?

When the power button for the LED display is pressed and there is no picture, it may not work because 1) there is no power, 2) there is power. The power light can be checked on the control box under the display to see if the display is powered on.


No power-

When the power indicator does not light up, 

Step 1: Please first check to see if you forgot to turn on the power and try to turn it on if so.  If the Power Button does not respond, 

Step 2: Check if the power supply is functioning normally, or try to switch to a different power supply.

Step 3: If the power button is still incapable of being turned on, please open the control box to check if the AC connector and AC input are normal.

Step 4: If none of the above methods work, please check if the Power Switch is normal.

Has power-

When the power indicator is lit, 

Step 1: Please wait a moment if there's no picture even when the power indicator light is on. Because this series of products adopts a partitioned power-on design, you must wait for the power transmission when turning on the power. At this time, avoid repetitive powering on/off in a short timeframe.

If there is still no picture, check the direction of power delivery, one-by-one with the steps below, for any possible issues.

Step 2: Open the control box to check if the Relay is normal.

Step 3: Check the indicator light on the power board to confirm if the power board is operating normally.

Step 4: If there is still no picture, check below to see if the U33 LED on the mainboard is on.

Last modified: Apr 2022

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