ViewSonic Projectors Dominate the Top Three Projector Brands for Four Consecutive Quarters in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (15 January 2020) – ViewSonic International Malaysia ranked Top Three Best Selling brands in Malaysia with their ViewSonic Projectors since October 2018 for four consecutive quarters according to the Future Source Report.

The LED segment saw ViewSonic achieving over 60% market share through-out the first half of 2019. “We are listening to the users and providing product choices that fit into the Economic Indicators Predict Market Trends. We believe our LED projector innovates into a new era of Lamp Free Smart Theatre projector line up, from previous Portable LED Projector M1 to Smart LED Projector M1+. Lamp Free Projector is going to redefine the projector scenario from the past. This is an incredible and truly immersive visual and audio experience to different scenario cases. For the year 2020 foresee LED projector segment will be double growth and further enlarge the projector market tents no matter in business or home entertainment.” said Mr. Chaw Foo Hong, Country Manager Malaysia.

Our latest claim to fame is the first 4K UHD Short Throw Lamp Free Smart Theatre projector; The ViewSonic® X10-4K is designed to move your home entertainment from room to room. The ViewSonic® X10-4K deploy the second generation, mercury-free LED technology that offers longevity, integrate best-in-class dual Harmon-Kardon speakers and keep abreast of smart functionality trend with wireless miracasting and bluetooth capability, Alexa and Google Assistant voice control technology and a Smart TV interface to access and stream popular apps of your choice. Coupled with the iF design award, X10-4K authentic design mirrors that of an affordable yet luxurious home appliance gadget.

ViewSonic is dedicated to developing meaningful and effective innovations and offers an extensive projector line-up to provide solutions fitting all manner of projection needs seen in small businesses, enterprises, large venue installations, educational institutions, and home entertainment setups.

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