ViewSonic International takes the IoT - Education trophy at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2019

ViewSonic International offers hardware and software products that facilitate real-time collaboration and promote pedagogical engagement

3rd December 2019, Kuala Lumpur, ViewSonic International offers hardware and software products that facilitate real-time collaboration and promote pedagogical engagement. Revolutionising the education sector, electronics company ViewSonic International was recognised for its efforts in Infrastructure IoT and Education at the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards.

The inaugural awards event honours enterprises that take risks and lead the charge in developing groundbreaking projects, digital services, reimagined strategies, and technological initiatives. Winners were judged on the basis of uniqueness and innovation, effectiveness and impact, and dynamism.

ViewSonic International’s Viewboard + myViewboard project, launched approximately two years ago, provides convenience for teachers and enjoyment for students in the classroom.

Viewboard is an interactive flat panel with size ranging from 55” to 86”, whilst myViewboard is a cloud-based whiteboarding solution with native option (in-house software) that is open platform and agnostic instead of being dependent on an operating system. Together, these technological innovations constitute a single canvas that improves the preparation of lessons, presentation of lectures, and participation in discussions.

For all participants in the learning process, these visual solutions provide enjoyable experiences and learner-centred activities such as instant polling, game-based tasks, and content sharing.

The myViewBoard ecosystem, described as “student-centred, teacher-driver,” enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students in a Windows, Android, or cloud environment.

According to Dr Neelam Palmer, Director of Educational Technology, Digital Learning and Innovation at Ashford School, “As a result of this streamlined ecosystem, teachers are able to work in more effective ways, making workloads more manageable. There has also been a significant impact on wellbeing and engagement for both students and teachers, with students embracing and ‘co-constructing’ their own independent learning journey.”

By using the myViewBoard classroom platform, teachers can have a single location to access their teaching tools and documents. Educators can also download course materials or activities and share content and feedback with colleagues.

Another feature, myViewBoard clips, is a video-assisted learning platform that provides access to millions of curated educational videos suitable for global curricula. By using these materials, teach can create interactive and engaging lessons on the myViewBoard canvas. They can also use myViewBoard online’s pen, eraser, magic box, and similar whiteboarding features, thereby improving the clarity of presentations, the overall work productivity, and the method of sharing knowledge and building connected communities.

With ViewSonic’s learning platforms, the company achieved the top 3 global spot in digital whiteboarding in education within only two years of the product launch, with over 600,000 myViewboard sign-ups in one year. The company also obtained brand certification from Intel Market-Ready Solutions.

For more information about ViewSonic Viewboard visit - https://www.viewsonic.com/my/  for myViewboard visit https://myviewboard.com/.

About ViewSonic

Founded in California USA in 1987, for over 30 years ViewSonic has been a leading global provider of visual solutions. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic has continuously helped people “See the Difference” with a portfolio of products including Monitors, Commercial Displays, ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels, Touch Displays and Projectors combined with class leading Software and Services including our innovative hybrid cloud myViewBoard Ecosystem for Digital WhiteBoards for everyone, everywhere.

To find out more about ViewSonic, visit viewsonic.com.