vDisplay Manager and ColorBration can support which VP models?

vDisplay Manager and ColorBration can support the VP series models listed in the below link:   https://www.viewsonic.com/colorpro/support/software/

Cannot open vDisplay Manager. A pop up indicates that the "RtHubSSContrl.exe " file is missing.

There are two methods to re-start this service that may fix the issue:       1. Uninstall vDisplay Manager, and reinstall it, try to launch vDisplayManager again. 2. Press the “Windows Key + R” to open the “Run” window, and input “services.msc”.  Find “Realtek Hub Wakeup Service”, and start it.  If there is a warning messag...

How do I update my monitor's firmware?

For the best display performance and to resolve any known issues, it is best to keep your monitor updated with the latest firmware version. With the USB cable and firmware update tool, you can easily update your monitor firmware any time. To update the firmware, do the following: 1. Click on the Advanced sub-menu, then Information. ...

How many screens can PBP (Picture-by-Picture) mode support on VP series?

The model of the monitor will determine how many screens can be supported, and how the screen is divided. Screen Division Model Support 4 screens VP2785-4K VP3268-4K VP3481 VP3881 2 screens VP2771

What is vDisplay Manager?

vDisplay Manager improves your productivity and puts the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu controls on your monitor’s screen. Here you can quickly and easily adjust the monitor’s display, increase user efficiency, and make your viewing experience more comfortable.

What VP Series monitors support vDisplay Manager?

As of Sep. 2 2021, vDisplay Manager supports the following VP series monitors:   VP2458  VP2468 VP2468a VP2768 VP2768a VP2768-4K VP2768a-4K(Win)  VP2771 VP2785-4K VP2785-2K VP3268-4K VP3268a-4K(Win) VP3481 VP3481a VP3881

Where can I get vDisplay Manager?

vDisplay Manager can be downloaded at: http://color.viewsonic.com/ or by clicking here. After the download completes, launch the setup file and follow the on-screen directions to install the software. Once the installation has finished, click on the vDisplay Manager icon to launch the software.

How to enable the input source auto detect function?

Please open the OSD menu and navigate into “Input Select”. Then, select Auto-Detect and make sure it is set to ON.

Why can’t my monitor automatically detect a source?

The input source auto detect function is only supported by specific model of monitors. Please refer to the user guide to confirm this feature. If your monitor supports this feature, it will be disabled by default. Please make sure to enable it within the OSD menu.

Why is the auto-pivot function not able to detect my monitor’s orientation?

The Auto-Pivot function uses DDC/CI to communicate with the monitor.  Please make sure not to turn off the monitor’s DDC/CI option in the OSD menu when you are using the Auto Pivot function.

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