What to do when: "Machine Code: 667406643860" shows up on my Viewboard after a reset?

This happens because vCast requires a license key to activate. Please ensure your Viewboard is connected to the internet to get “Registration OK” to show on screen to work.

What the max. external HDD capacity can be supported for IFP7550?

IFP7550 USB port 3.0 supports external HDD up to 4TB. Below models had pass the read/write test. WD: WDBUY0040BBK(4TB) SEAGATS: STDR2000301(2TB) TOSHIBA: HDTC810YR3AA(1TB) SONY: HD-E1(1TB)

How do I remote control IFP5550/6550/7550/8650-1 (Gen. 1) power on/off via SureMDM?

Please refer to attached file to create a power on/off run script to remote control IFP 50-1(Gen. 1)  ,power on/off. File URL:https://support.viewsonic.com/helpdesk/attachments/33012153643

Can IFP7550 play 4K2K content?

Yes, IFP7550 can play 4K2K content.

Can I install IFP7550 by Daisy Chain?

Yes, IFP7550 integrated a HDMI output port which is capable of being installed by Daisy Chain. For more details, please refer to the User Guide.

How can I update preloaded apps on IFP?

When there is newer version, below Apps will be updated after connected IFP to internet.   AirPlay Whiteboard for Android vCastReceiver myViewBoard Manager myViewBoard Live myViewBoard Display

Where do I find IFP50/30/70 series touch driver for Mac?

Please download the touch driver for Mac in below link or visit the product page on our website.    IFP 50-1/50 Gen 1: Download IFP 30: Download IFP 50-2/50-2 EP/50 Gen2/50-3/50-3A/50-3B/50-3 Gen 3/70: Download

How do I disable the Embedded Player in IFP7550/IFP5550/IFP6550/IFP8650?

Applied model 1. Americas: IFP**50 - Gen 1, IFP**50 - Gen 2, IFP**50 - Gen 3, IFP**70 2. Asia Pacific & Africa: IFP**50, IFP**50-2, IFP**50-3, IFP**70 3. Europe: IFP**50, IFP**50-2EP, IFP**50-3EP, IFP**70   Please follow below instructions to disable the Embedded Player.   Press INPUT 9 9 1 in sequence on the remote to enter the Debug M...

Why can't I adjust the Hue and Sharpness settings on the slot-in PC and HDMI source?

The Hue and Sharpness settings are only adjustable for the Analog source such as AV in /VGA source.

How do I configure on IFP and use player to power IFP on and off by HDMI CEC?

1.Please turn on player’s HDMI CEC function.  2.Connect IFP and player in HDMI cable.  3.Please turn on HDMI CEC function in “Input Setting” on IFP. <Note> Not all HDMI ports on IFP support CEC, please check UG to identify which port(s) support(s)

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