What’s the LED backlight life of IFP6550?

The LED backlight life of IFP50 series is 30,000 Hours Min.

What the max. external HDD capacity can be supported for IFP7550?

IFP7550 USB port 3.0 supports external HDD up to 4TB. Below models had pass the read/write test. WD: WDBUY0040BBK(4TB) SEAGATS: STDR2000301(2TB) TOSHIBA: HDTC810YR3AA(1TB) SONY: HD-E1(1TB)

Is there any recommended RS232 software to control IFP7550 by ASCII command?

You may control IFP7550 by Hercules software. Please have "HEX" checkbox unchecked and key in ASCII command with <CR> at the end.

Is there any recommended slot-in PC which can support vPro and TPM?

VPC14-WP-x and VPC12-WP-x can support both Intel® vPro and TPM 2.0.

Why can't I sign into Google account even with internet connection?

Please manually set Date/Time to select correct time zone.

What is the resolution of IFP7550 OSD menu?

The resolution of IFP7550 OSD menu is 1080P.

Is it possible to automatically sign out Gmail account when closing Chromium?

No, it's necessary to click "Account" icon to sign out Gmail.

What to do with black image when playing YouTube videos by Chromium?

Black image means that the specific video format isn't supported by Chromium. You can play such videos by integrated Browser in Embedded Player. 

What to do as it shows a warning message “Program not activated, will exit in 30 minutes” when running vBoard?

vBoard will be activated automatically while Internet in connected. Please make sure your IFP display is well connected to Internet.

How to prevent from annotate on ViewBoard Cast by mobile devices?

You can disable the “Touch and Annotate from Mobile” function in setting.

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