I use IFP8650 WPS viewer app to open Power Point 2010 document, but the Power Point does not get shown properly. How can I do?

When you click “Tab” button to add space in front of the content, WPS won’t use larger space to display, so the issue will occur. Short term solution: Please to use “Space” button to add space in front of the content. Long term solution: WPS designer will release new version to solve the issue.

Does ViewSonic offer free training to end-users on how to use their Interactive Flat Displays?

You can sign up for ViewSonic’s ViewSchoolsm online where you can watch Self-Guided videos, join live training events, and request On-Site Training.  For more information, please visit our US website and click on Programs or directly access below link. https://www.viewsonic.com/viewschool/

What does ViewSonic offer if I need a complete solution for Interactive Flat Display in my school?

ViewSonic offers a complete Interactive Display ecosystem that consists of the following: Commercial Grade Interactive Flat Panel Displays Robust Interactive Software Display Management and Control Application High-Quality Wall Mounts and Stationary Stands Mobile Trolley Carts (motorized and non-motorized) Powerful Slot-in PC’...

What inputs are supported on the Interactive Flat Panels?

The available inputs vary from model to model but in general, the displays will have HDMI and VGA ports.  Some models have Display Ports. Please check the product page of your specific model on our website for more information.

Connect an antennae to commercial display

ViewSonic Commercial Displays do not support antenna or coaxial cable connection.

Is it possible to remove the preloaded Apps?

No, the preloaded Apps can't be removed.

How can I request a demo or evaluation unit if my school wants to try a Interactive Flat Display first?

You can reach out to a reseller that works with your organization and they will contact ViewSonic for you.  You can also reach out to us directly or through ViewSchool and we’ll have one of our Sales People in charge of your region get back to you.

What is the different between OTA and USB drive firmware upgrade on IFP/CDE/EP?

If you use OTA to upgrade the firmware, the IFP will keep all settings and data, it can possibly take a long time to download the upgrade file. If you use a USB drive to upgrade the firmware, the IFP will reset all settings to default and delete all data; however you can download the upgrade file faster (from the ViewSonic website).

Does ViewSonic offer wall mounts along with the Interactive Flat Panel Displays?

ViewSonic offers a selection of mounts that support the displays of every size available.  Visit the product page of your specific model on our website and browse through the RELATED ACCESSORIES section for supported mounts and carts.

How do I configure microphone setting in IFP2410/VSD243 to work with Zoom app?

To configure the IFP2410/VSD243 microphone to work with Zoom, there is a setting in Zoom Settings called “Use Original Sound” (see images below) that will need to be enabled.    According to Zoom’s website, Original Sound is supposed to only suppress background noises, such as keyboard tapping, crunching paper, fan noise, etc.   In the ...

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