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What’s Dynamic Contrast Ratio

A notable recent development in the LCD technology is the so called "dynamic contrast" (DC). When there is a need to display a dark image, the display would underpower the backlight lamp, but will proportionately amplify the transmission through the LCD panel. This gives the benefit of realizing the potential static contrast ratio of the LCD panel in dark scenes.

Original Image

Dynamic Contrast

Intelligent Backlight Control

When the image is watched in a dark room, the drawback is that if a dark scene does contain small areas of superbright light, they may be sacrificed and blown out. By intelligently modulating the backlights, the user is able to experience lower black levels while watching darker movies or video games. This can help provide for a better user experience, and overall front of screen performance.

Conventional backlight

Intelligent backlights

Power Saving

Light and dark images can stand out against each other by varying the backlight brightness levels based on content. This allows us to achieve darker black levels, and a higher dynamic contrast.

Conventional Voltage

Power Saving

Benefit for User

Automatically detect the image signal and intelligently control the backlight brightness to make the black blacker in a dark scene, and make the white whiter in the bright environment.

General application:

Application Benefit Users
TV/HD movie watching • Ergonomics seeing
• Enrich image scale level
All Users

Advanced applications:

Application Benefit Users
HD game/ HD movies Highlight mental brilliance Gamers/Movie enthusiast
Multimedia editing Providing reality image quality Multimedia editor
Graphic design, CAD/ CAM design Enrich scale level in dark side Artist, designer & architect



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