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Achieve Color Accuracy With ColorPro Monitors

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Gouldian Finch | July 22, 2019
Achieve Color Accuracy With ColorPro Monitors

ColorProTM monitors are designed to achieve color accuracy quickly. By being factory calibrated, you can immediately get to work on what's really important - content creation.

By saving time through color accuracy, ColorPro monitors deliver professional color performance and better TCO. Not having to spend time trying to reproduce color fidelity, these monitors help you get more done. 


Delivering color accuracy out-of-the-box, ColorPro monitors bring you better TCO (total cost of ownership). Having ergonomically designed features, everyone works more comfortably. And from different angles, too. 

ColorPro monitors bring true-to-life images with industry color standards including sRGB, Adobe RGB, calibration, and uniformity. Color calibration kits provide long-term ROI. When everyone on your team can see the colors of the original design, content creation, and productivity increases.

ColorPro Means Color Accuracy

ColorPro monitors are factory-calibrated to create color accuracy. Professionals demand color performance, without having to spend time setting it all up.

Using ColorPro monitors, no time has to be spent figuring out how to get the color accuracy of these monitors up and running. It just works.


ColorPro Features for Content Creators

There are many features that content creators need to produce quality work. Saving time via factory calibration isn't enough. You need cutting-edge technology, too. 

ColorPro monitors are designed for photo editing, design work, or other types of content creation. Here are the most important features content creators look for to get the most out of color accurate monitors:

  • Full sRGB/Adobe RGB color spaces to cover as much of the color gamut as possible.
  • Gamma preset options to make images look vibrant, and fit the intended color scheme.
  • A powerful 3D Lookup Table (LUT)/color engine for on-the-fly adaptability.
  • Low Delta E (Lv <5%) for color reproduction and fidelity.
  • Consistent color and luminance across the screen

Content creators opt for color space and gamma presets as the most important features to have. See more here on how to choose the best monitor for photo editing.

ColorPro Advantage: Out-of-the-Box Color Accuracy. Because ViewSonic® displays are factory-tuned, you can immediately get to work. Starting out with color you can trust, creating content can be done much quicker.

ColorPro Ergonomics

Spending long hours on a single design is the hallmark of content creation. Since you're going to have to spend a lot of time at your desk, it's important to have a monitor that works the way you do. Look for monitors that are capable of ergonomic features you're planning to use. 

Auto Pivot Feature Ergonomically Designed

Pivot, swivel, height adjustment, and tilt are the 4 cornerstones of ergonomics for monitors. See here for the Complete Guide on Office Ergonomics. If rotating to a vertical landscape is important to you, make sure your monitor is capable of performing the pivot feature. Auto-pivot functionality is an added bonus. 

Pivot, swivel, height adjustment, and tilt for office ergonomics

ColorPro Advantage: Comfort and Versatility. Advanced ergonomic features such as swivel, height adjust, and tilt, keep you comfortable and productive. Select models allow you to pivot the screen, giving you the flexibility to view your work in vertical or horizontal orientations.

ColorPro Dependability

Consumer monitors have minimal functions for maintaining color accuracy. ColorPro monitors have color space and gamma presets to facilitate color gamut fidelity. Color accuracy monitors are also capable of “hardware calibration.” 

Color Accuracy

The colorimeter modifies the monitor’s internal LUT (Lookup table). By storing the optimized results in the monitor's display, you improve brightness, contrast and color reproduction. The result is faster, more accurate color performance.


Adding a colorimeter (aka “puck”) is the gold standard. A monitor with integrated hardware calibration delivers even greater color accuracy and fewer headaches.

ColorPro Advantage: Long-term Dependability. An easy-to-use ViewSonic Colorbration kit allows you to calibrate and maintain color accuracy and fidelity over time. This prolongs the lifecycle of the display for a better ROI.

ColorPro Sparks Collaboration

When all stakeholders are able to see everything in the same color, work gets done much more quickly. With more workers working on the same content from different locations, it becomes vital to have color accuracy included with the monitor. 

Color Accuracy Monitor

ColorPro Advantage: Team-wide Consistency. With team members and content creators possibly spread throughout the globe, companies can depend on ColorPro monitors to deliver consistent results across locations. This reduces the need for rework, corrections, and edits while improving efficiency and lowering costs.

The farther we are from each other, the tougher it gets to work together. Knowing you have the same color fidelity as your peers means there's one less thing to worry about.

Rest Easy:

Backed by our 30-year reputation for quality and reliability, our award-winning monitors are also protected by one of the industry’s best pixel performance policies and carry a limited warranty for three (3) years from the date of first consumer purchase on parts, labor, and LCD backlight. Our VIP program also includes award-winning customer support and Express Exchange® service.

With ViewSonic's three (3) year warranty, you know you're purchasing a brand you can depend on. For more on ViewSonic warranties, see here.