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ViewSonic Professional Research Team

While founded over 25 years ago, ViewSonic is continuously committed to the system integration of mechanical, hardware, and software designs in order to further cultivate high-quality professional R&D capabilities, as well as to develop and manufacture innovative products that meet customers’ strict demands. ViewSonic’s complete product line includes LED monitors, touch monitors, smart touch monitors, cloud monitors, and large format digital signage. Our projector series for business, education, home entertainment, and high-end engineering applications synchronize customers with the world through ViewSonic’s completed visual solutions.

For ViewSonic’s brand new LightStream™ projector series, we’ve teamed up with Texas Instruments, the global leader in semiconductors and lighting product manufacturing. Having TI’s outstanding research teams in the United States, Europe and Asia and ViewSonic’s R&D team headquartered in Taiwan, this projector was created out of a synergistic worldwide alliance.

Through a solid know-how of professional color reproduction, ViewSonic has achieved the industry’s best color performance by adopting a 6-segment red/green/blue/yellow/cyan/white color-wheel. Thanks to these color wheel segments, coating, and an emphasis on color saturation and brightness, the LightStream™ projector image can completely reflect a perfect 6 color range with no color shift. In addition to the 6-segment color proportioning, painstaking efforts have been taken to achieve the best-tuned colors; therefore a waveform tool is used to fine tune color details. This strict monitoring and management technology helps detect the performance and consistency of color and brightness where even a slight difference is critical. ViewSonic has also integrated a CRT Gamma curve into a new optimized Gamma curve. Most color data in an image is located in the middle range of the Gamma curve including red, green, blue, yellow, and cyan; therefore the optimized Gamma curve boosts these colors for more vividness and ensures that the brighter areas of the image are clearer and not washed out. Overall, the color brightness for images on a LightStream™ projector is greatly enhanced compared to other projectors.

Inspiration and creativity are the main forces leading the ViewSonic LightStream™ projector forward with a new generation of innovative technology. With this core technology , strong development strength, and continued partnerships and cooperation with different industry sectors, ViewSonic not only works closely with the latest technologies and market trends, but is also capable of completely grasping future trends in order to develop the best quality products to meet customers’ needs.

Professional Research Team

Professional Research Team

Exclusive SuperColor™ technology Delivers the most consistent and accurate colors as seen in real life

ViewSonic projectors with the exclusive SuperColor™ technology are equipped with an innovative proprietary color wheel design and dynamic lamp control capabilities which utilize advanced digital image processing capabilities to strengthen the wheel color and response speed. Additionally, ViewSonic has applied its considerable expertise to the high quality color wheel coating, which results in an increase of 15% in light engine efficiency to best present brightness and colors. Furthermore, ViewSonic LightStream™ projectors are also equipped with an exclusive gamma curve to optimally adjust the brightness and color projection for environment brightness or darkness to achieve an overall color saturation enhancement of 20%. This means that optimal brightness and color reproduction can be achieved for a wider variety of scenes to provide a better viewing experience over conventional DLP projectors.

SuperColor™ projectors vs Conventional projectors

SuperColor™ projectors offer color accuracy levels

Conventional projectors offer low-quality images

Perfect 6-Segment color wheel design Brilliant optimized images
Produce vivid images in bright or dark environments

With more multimedia content intended for projection for corporate businesses and home entertainment, consumers have an increasingly higher demand for color performance and brightness when viewing animated or dynamic content. These needs can be fulfilled through a projector’s color wheel where the proportions of red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and white colors influence the luminous efficacy of the projected light. ViewSonic has developed the best color combination and proportions to maximize luminous efficacy from its SuperColor™ 6-segment color wheel to be able to completely project true color and present a vivid visual experience.

Bright Images for Any Environment

The well-known HSB color system

The brightness values of each hue spaced

Unique color wheel coating Light engine efficiency growth of 15% Near 100% transmittance
Increased yellow and cyan segments and decreased white segment = Projecting bright, well-saturated images

With the accumulation of color-related knowledge and know-how, ViewSonic has applied its considerable expertise to a high quality color wheel coating that delivers near 100% transmittance, allowing maximal light through for perfect color display. A projected image can completely reflect the perfect 6 color range with no color shift.
White is the most significant contributor to brightness; however, too much white will wash out projected colors. Unlike other DLP projectors which increase the white color segment to enhance brightness, ViewSonic’s SuperColor™ 6-Segment color wheel actually decreases the white segment and increases the Yellow and Cyan segments, breaking through conventional display limitations. In addition to have light engine efficiency grow by 15% to project bright, well-saturated images, the increased yellow and cyan segments particularly enrich live subjects and natural scenery.

Unlike others for brightness enhancement,
ViewSonic reduces the white segment and increase Yellow and Cyan

ViewSonic’s Propriety Waveform = Higher lumens counts + Better color performance

After the completion of 6-segment color proportioning, ViewSonic adopted a waveform tool to fine tune color details. The ViewSonic 6-segment color wheel projector projects light varying up to 4,096 colors in Red, 4,096 colors in Green, and 4,096 colors in Blue. Accompanying with White, Yellow, and Cyan, each image will look brighter. While the technology helps detect the given luminous efficacy from a projector’s light, the maximum number usually displays inferior images suffering from glare and blur. Often a number range will be set for the brightest condition to experiment with. Numerous pictures and videos must be viewed for color performance and consistency. At this stage, even a slight difference is critical. Painstaking efforts at real testing result in the best-tuned colors. ViewSonic’s proprietary technology can overdrive lamp power for higher lumen counts and better color performance.

>ViewSonic’s Propriety Waveform
Optimize the colors by best-tuned waveform

Optimized Gamma Curve – Almost 120% color brightness

In order to enhance the effect of color performance in bright scene,ViewSonic LightStream™ projectors equips with exclusive gamma curve for optimally adjust the brightness and color projection。In an image,most color data, comprising Red、Green、Blue、Yellow、 and Cyan elements, are located in the middle range of the Gamma curve。The optimized Gamma curve boosts Red、Green、Blue、Yellow、and Cyan for more vivid colors,and ensures the bright area of the image is clearer,without washout。Overall,its color saturation is enhanced by about 20% compared to other projectors。

Color Brightness of Image to Human's Eyes
With the optimized Gamma curve,ViewSonic Boosts colors and ensures the bright area of an image is clearer

5 Color Mode best view modes Customize your best viewing mode

According to different scenarios,projectors also need to be adapted to local conditions! Users can freely choose one fit mode at once for best viewing according to the projection environment。These 5 modes are:

  • Brightest Mode : for environments where extra-high brightness is required
  • Dynamic Mode : for presentations under daylight environment and text content
  • Standard Mode : for matching PC or NB color
  • ViewMatch Mode : for general viewing
  • Movie Mode : for watching movies with better saturation in a dark environment