ViewSonic LightStream™ Projectors

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Generosity extraordinary majestic style Perfectly set off restrained high quality

With great attention paid towards its aesthetics, from its majestic design, elegant curves and light beam shape, the ViewSonic LightStreamTM projectors are inherently contemporary works of art. LightStreamTM projectors are easily identified by their unique dot and hair-line surfaces. Aside from delivering contemporary aesthetics, the brushed pattern prevents fingerprints and scratches. This clean, modern projector design is a nice additional to any sophisticated atmosphere, and also complements any décor, from boardrooms and classrooms to stylish home theaters.

Seamless Nordic Style Displaying absolute fine works

The LightStreamTM projector’s rear hatchback design creates a completely incorporated appearance with a cable management hood that connects onto the back of the projector to eliminate unsightly cable clutter. This seamless design gives the projector a clean look without wires and I/O ports exposed in the rear, and provides additional storage space for the remote control to avoid misplacement. *Optional for LightStreamTM projector PJD5 series

Delicate and advanced concave buttons Intuitive instructional icons

To make the projectors easy to use for anyone, LightStreamTM projectors’ tactile keypad is raised with concave buttons that assist in making projector set up easier in dark environments。The instructional icons along the surface of projectors help users identify projector functions。Those symbolic images and texts represent the keypad button functions and indicators,as well as the underside screw dimensions。These easy-to-understand icons help in both projector installation and user experience。

Instructional Icons

keypad button functions and indicators

Tactile Keypads Design for dark environments