How to solve the Smart YouTube app compatibility issue with my projector?

Due to Smart YouTube TV app issue that some user might encounter problems such as video & audio un-sync, app auto-close while using it on M1+/M2e. Please follow below instruction to solve it. 


1.Please visit Smart YouTube TV website by clicking on the link below and then download “smarttube_beta.apk” file locates at “Beta release” in the “Downloads” section.


2.Save the downloaded “smarttube_beta” .apk file to a NTFS or FAT32 USB drive under its root directory.


3.Afterwards, plug the USB drive to USB port on the projector, then execute this downloaded apk file through File Management in OSD to start the installation.

4.Once the installation is done, you will find and please execute  “SmartTubeNext” app shows in App Center.

Last modified: កក្កដា 2022

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