ViewSonic Launches ViewBoard S IFP2710 Interactive Display Solution for Classrooms utilising touch display, projector, and digital whiteboard software to switch the way you learn

London, UK. [Oct, 2018]ViewSonic Europe., a leading global provider of visual display solutions, announces the launch of the ViewBoard S IFP2710 interactive display solution for classrooms. This latest interactive solution transforms the learning environment from dated classroom into a modern, interactive learning space. Whether it’s a lecture in an auditorium or a presentation in a classroom, there are various drawbacks associated with today’s display solutions, such as: back-facing teaching, shadows, and touch-accuracy. With the ViewBoard S interactive display solution, a revolutionary way of teaching and learning is ready to experience. Front-facing presentation, scalable projection, an accurate and smooth touch experience, and easy-installation allows teachers to annotate or execute any action on the monitor and simultaneously project them on the large screen.

“We want to integrate the way people teach and learn. With our newest interactive display solution, combining touch display, projector, and cloud-based digital whiteboard software, we were able to transform the way people perceive what a classroom could be.” said Luke Chen, Business Line Manager, ViewSonic Europe. “From back to front-facing teaching, from receiving information to exchanging information, we want to elevate education.”

The ViewBoard S IFP2710, where the S stands for Switch, is a new approach to education. From standard back-facing, instructional lessons, the ViewBoard S IFP2710 switches to front-facing lessons, allowing the presenter to face the audience while annotating slides. Not only that, it gives the presenter the flexibility to be in full control of the presentation, creating interaction and eye contact with the audience for total engagement.

The ViewBoard S IFP2710 empowers education with three key Switch factors:

The ViewBoard S IFP2710 interactive display allows the synergistic combination of display, projector, and the latest digital whiteboard software, myViewBoard, to produce a display that offers intuitive touch technology, large-image projection, and an easy-to access digital whiteboard for the classroom. It offers 10-point multi-touch functionality, annotation tools, and Windows gesture support for an intuitive learning experience. Simply connect the projector or large display with a LAN cable via HDBT technology or an HDMI cord, and the annotations you make will instantly project to the big screen. This solution resolves common interactive projector issues such as shadow casting as well as the need to install an extra touch module and calibrate touch sensitivity; saving time and hassle during installation.

ViewSonic offers a range of projectors with scalable projection sizes exceeding 100 inches. Combining this with the ViewBoard IFP2710, the presenter can present and annotate in one location without having to move around and obstruct the view of the screen.

The ViewBoard S IFP2710 not only supports all the software you are currently using, but can also be used with our latest myViewBoard platform, which is a cloud-based digital whiteboard software designed specifically to enhance your ViewBoard experience. myViewBoard enables the presenter to access files in the cloud for presentations, annotate with a wide range of options and save files directly to the cloud. Furthermore, multiple participants can cast their content to the screen via for a more engaging group discussion experience.

Note: The myViewBoard software is free for the first year.

Visit ViewSonic Viewboard S IFP2710 for more information and follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news and update.

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