Best Gaming Monitor with Custom Lighting

Best Gaming Monitor with Custom Lighting

As the provider of visual solutions worldwide, we've been on the lookout to ameliorate your gaming experience to make it nothing less than the best. Apart from the response rate, refresh rate, technology, color gamut, and the myriad list that follows, we found a hidden gem that is a true game-changer for your gaming experience. Custom lighting not only adds the aesthetic to instantly evolve your gaming mood but also facilitates your gaming experience. From improving contrast ratio to plummeting eye strain, the RGB LEDs on the back of gaming monitors certainly have a practical function. So, while buying a gaming monitor, choosing a monitor with custom lighting over a traditional one is a considerable improvement in both aesthetics and function.

What is custom lighting in a monitor?

Custom lighting refers to an amalgamation of  RGB lighting that is capable of producing virtually any color, adding the right flair to your gaming monitor. The RGB LED lighting consists of a combination of 3 smaller LEDs, red, green, and blue, justifying its name- RGB. Hence, if you want your monitor to display the color blue, it activates the blue light while dimming the other two. Custom lighting consists of ARGB lighting and allows you to choose from myriad color options made from the combination of the primary colors - Red, green, and blue.  The trend is picking up momentum in the gaming industry relentlessly and emanates an immersive feeling from the in-game lighting alerts, screen follower modes, and certainly the pride from curating your own exquisite RGB atmosphere on your gaming monitor.

Best monitor with custom lighting

With 144HZ performance and AMD FreeSync, competitive level 1ms response, and newly designed ambient lighting feature, the ViewSonic XG2402 gaming monitor exudes an experience that is immersive beyond imagination. Striving to deliver infallible solutions, ViewSonic engineered the XG2404 gaming monitor bringing gamers an immensely customizable experience with competitive level performance. Integrated with 1080p resolution and equipped with essential gaming features like 144HZ refresh rate and 1MS response, the XG2402 gaming monitor delivers the most supreme gaming experience. It utilizes AMD FreeSync technology to align impeccably the frame rates between GPU and monitor, hence eliminating immersion breaking, screen tearing, and stuttering.

However, what makes the XG2402 gaming monitor highly popular among gamers worldwide is its newly designed ambient lighting feature. It is a prominent upgrade to aesthetics and functionality in terms of gaming. The XG2402 is the first ViewSonic monitor to be integrated with  RampageX, which radiates an immersive red glow onto your gaming station and used to accent RGB peripherals. The gaming-friendly low-profile base on XG2402 has been developed with meticulous research from professionals to allow a flexible keyboard placement.

Benefits of Custom Lighting

Custom lighting in a gaming monitor also results in less eye strain. The subtle light exuding from an RGB Monitor is highly effective in providing a pleasant indirect light, also avoiding glare and reflections, hence resulting in less eyestrain during long hours of computer usage. Apart from that, Monitors with custom lighting also offer superior contrast. The blacks on your gaming monitor screen in contrast to a dark background wall may seem washed out compared to blacks on a lighter background. Rick blacks are absolutely enthralling to look on a computer screen and other displays. Myriad optical illusions play tricks in our minds by altering the color of a given object by changing the color in the background.