ViewSonic at Smart School Awards, Malaysia


2019 Vietnam Bess event


WHAT HI-FI SHOW 2019 - India’s biggest home entertainment expo!


ViewSonic commercial display in Eslite Future Bookstore


2019 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)



Easily Connect, Share, and Present with Wireless Display (WiDi) Technology

Wireless Display (WiDi) technology is an Intel® innovation that enables “wireless” audio/video streaming from a local content source such as a laptop, to an external display such as a monitor or projector.


Choosing Projectors with Advanced Connectivity Options

Selecting a projector that can deliver convenience and flexibility in the form of multiple connectivity options can provide maximum installation flexibility for a variety of uses.


Less Energy Consumption Adds to the Bottom Line

According to a recent EPA study, commercial sectors account for 18 percent of the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., yet very few businesses know that they can easily offset two thirds of their emissions by making simple choices for a greener, eco-friendly office.


Touch Technologies Take Hold

Touch technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our computing devices, and has become the user interface of choice. Everything from ATM machines, interactive ticket booths, POS devices, slot machines, and information kiosks feature a user-friendly interactive touch screen. Let’s take a look at two of the most common touch technologies in use today.


Using Digital Signage for Emergency Notifications

Digital signage is most often associated with corporate advertising; however, more and more schools and universities are utilizing the technology in a much different way.


LCD Projectors vs. DLP® Projectors: Choosing the Right

Although Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors have dominated the market in recent years, projectors equipped with Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology still offer specific features that may be a better fit for your own presentation needs.


Virtual Grocery Store Explained

As we multitask our way through our busy day, why not grocery-shop as we wait for the subway or train? This is what drove Tesco and Peapod to provide virtual grocery stores aimed at on-the-go commuters.


Adding Intelligence to Digital Signage Solutions with Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition is a turn-key solution that shifts customer engagements from static to proactive, helping retailers interact in a way never before possible.


The Evolution of Digital Signage

Recent advancements in display technologies, network infrastructure, communication protocols and management have opened up an exciting new world for digital signage marketers.


Monitor Buying Guide by Primary Usage

Are you ready for a new monitor? To help you identify a monitor that fits both your needs and your budget, let’s look at few of the most critical features for a number of common usage cases.


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