Understanding the CLO Spec: LightStream™ DLP® Projection vs. 3LCD
LightStream™ DLP® projection vs. 3LCD for Education
The Challenge

Your school, district or campus has typically used DLP projection technology. You like that it offers a lower TCO and more reliable performance over time than 3LCD, but you’ve been hearing a lot about 3LCD technology’s leadership in the CLO spec. How important is CLO to assessing projector quality?

The Solution

The creation of the Color Light Output (CLO) spec has caused a great deal of confusion for projection purchasers. Simply a measure of color brightness (though not recognized as an industry standard specification), CLO applies only to 3LCD projection and is not relevant for making comparisons with other technologies. Recent 3LCD marketing has inaccurately presented CLO as an indicator of projection quality when in fact it is solely a measure of color brightness, not, as implied, a measure of color performance. Not only does a high CLO measurement in no way ensure high color performance, it provides no meaningful information about color accuracy. In contrast, DLP projectors incorporate advanced technologies that improve many attributes of image quality that other technologies have not been able to match, enabling them to deliver longlasting, precise color, even after extended hours of use with challenging application requirements and in the most difficult environments. Among these innovations, ViewSonic’s SuperColor™ technology delivers image quality that outperforms previously available DLP systems. With more color-enhancing features, SuperColor delivers rich, reliable, true-to-life color in both bright and dark environments – without sacrificing image quality.

What you’ll need for this solution:
LightStream projector with SuperColor

A ViewSonic® LightStream™ projector with SuperColor™ technology.

SuperColor innovations include:
  • Advanced digital image processing, dynamic lamp control and exclusive 6-segment color wheel for more natural, vividly clear colors
  • Integrated ViewMatch® color mode automatically optimizes color for the most common viewing applications, for greater clarity and detail
  • Improved gray-scale accuracy provides highly-differentiated shades of black for greater texture and detail in dark images and scenes
  • Automatic adjustment for overexposure of projected images delivers rich detail in bright images, with no washout
  • Minimized brightness fluctuations for greater viewing comfort
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