ViewSonic LightStream™ Projectors

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Industry-leading SonicExpert technology Stunning sound over same-class projectors
Clean and delicate, Abundant and powerful Subvert your imagination of projector sound

In order to boost volume with perfectly clear sound quality, ViewSonic’s newly developed SonicExpertTM technology couples exclusive software tuning with an enhanced speaker hardware design for a more efficient sound output. The result is louder audio output with sound quality exceeding that of same level projectors within the industry. LightStream™ projectors have groundbreaking, well-designed hardware and software technologies including: an amplified speaker transducer, a bass reflex system, an improved transducer driver design, increased transducer driver power, and SonicMode software technology. These projectors deliver 20Hz – 20KHz full-range sound with a 7x and 3x higher efficiencies for low frequency and high frequency sound transmissions respectively when compared to same-class DLP products. Precise detailed adjustments are made for playing delicate, clear high frequency sounds or rich, full middle-to-low frequencies. LightStream™ projector users can therefore experience strong, powerful resonance in rich audio as well as well as clean, clear and crisp sounds. The speakers, while compact, produce sounds with a best-fit Sound Response Curve and highly efficient transfer of electric power to sound power. They produce stronger and more concentrated sound waves that travel farther compared to products in the same class, exceeding the general consumers’ impressions of projectors.


Amplified transducer speaker Listen to the elegant texture of music
3x higher sound efficiency for mid-to-high range sound effects vs. other same level products

All LightStream™ series projectors include an amplified transducer speaker design with a resonance chamber used to heighten the amplifier’s force feedback for a greater emphasis on sound power. Through this redesign, mid and high frequencies sound delicate with greater audio transparency, producing sound with excellent performance. High frequencies extend clearly and transparently, with a sense of elegance when playing musical instruments. Mid-range frequencies perform extremely linearly with strong cohesion and boldness, allowing human speech to sound as realistic as hearing it live. Projectors without transducer speakers lack the ability to properly transmit sound, leaving audio waves with significantly shortened propagation distance and more susceptible to noise interference, affecting the sound performance quality.

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ViewSonic LightStream™ projector

Smart open port design Heighten vibrated full bass hearing
7x higher sound efficiency of low frequency vs. other same level products

To let the low frequency produce abundant sense of low volume,the whole series of LightStream™ projectors all add the open port in the speaker chamber which is to force air vibration to go through the port, and then the low frequency will be extended。By this new speaker design and improving the structure,the sound waves can then completely passed down the sound。In addition to save the low frequency energy produced within the speaker chamber,this speaker chamber design also minimizes electronic crosstalk noise and offsetting effect as well。Utilize the chamber with open port design,the most full sense of low volume can be produced in a limited space of chamber,and is able to deliver the wider range of audio as well as enhance low frequency energy,therefore create a better sense of extension hearing of low frequency,and significantly reduce noise interference and decrease the phenomenon of sound distortions,hence the volume apparently becomes more powerful and centralized,and can be delivered to further distance。For example,the engine sound of cars will sound like “BOOOOOOM” instead of “BOOM”,increase the vibration capacity of low frequency and produce resonance,and release from the port at a time which increase the penetration of the sound and create heavy bass effect and malleability。

Most traditional speaker chamber does not have open port design,therefore while low frequency is surrounded within the chamber,the low frequency will disorderly and messy to surround and lead to sound unsustainable and shorten the interval distance,which relatively influence the volume transmission and increase the noise interference condition,so the sound overall will seem massy with slightly muffled sense of hearing。

Other projectors:
no open port design – unsustainable low frequencies,
muffled sound, shorter sound distance

ViewSonic LightStream™ projector series:
exclusive open port design – saves low frequency energy
and centralizes sound with no distortion

Smart transducer driver design Give new life to low frequencies

By re-examining the conduction process which influences the sound output efficiency of speakers, we have improved the hardware capability of the speaker unit by changing the generic driver’s foam edge with a rubber one, and by replacing the paper cone commonly found on larger speakers with a polypropylene (PP) cone. In general,having a rubber transducer edge is better for smaller transducer designs and lower frequencies。In addition,having a rubber edge together with a PP cone is the best for units with smaller power outputs。This is due to the fact that both materials are more rigid and light that is optimized for the lack of space the cone has to travel back and forth。A very popular material for smaller speakers,PP is fairly rigid,with good internal damping and sound characteristics。

Amplifier re-design Increase transducer driver power

With ViewSonic’s SonicExpert™ technology, LightStream™ projectors also include the exclusive SonicMode software. Using EQ multi-band software adjustment, middle and high range sound domains and human sound performance are strengthened to offer three audio modes: standard, speech and entertainment. Users can select the most appropriate mode to apply to different occasions or video content in order to experience difference sound effects, making ViewSonic projectors ideal for business presentations and home entertainment.

Exclusive SonicMode software technology Freely select the ideal sound mode*

Based on SonicExpert™ technology, ViewSonic has completed exclusive SonicMode software technology。Using EQ multi-band software adjustment technology,particularly strengthen middle-high sound domain and human sound performance,offering three audio modes for standard、speech and entertainment。Users can select the most appropriate mode to apply to different occasions or video contents to experience difference sound effect,showing the ideal audio sound curve,beyond the same level of dual-channel speaker,making ViewSonic projector instantly become the essential good for business presentation and home entertainment。 *In LightStream™ projector, only available on the PJD6 series with 10/16W speaker