ViewSonic LightStream™ Projectors

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User-friendly focus/zoom ring lever design Dual functionality for simple operation and adjustments

LightStream™projectors contain many user-friendly designs and details to equip the projectors with considerate functionality. Above the projector lens is a ring lever used to easily adjust image focus and zoom.


Non-slip foot pads design Greatly enhance projector stability

Non-slip foot pads keep the projector steady and stable while preventing scratches on a table surface. At the bottom of projector, there are three non-slip skid-proof foot pads that are height adjustable. Gone are the days of looking for flat surfaces.


Enlarged IR receiver Easily manage control signals

The enlarged IR receiver picks up remote control signals better for easier use, and also effectively decrease using frequency of remote.


Vertical/horizon keystone Instantly restores projection shape and proportions

Horizontal and vertical keystone correction and a corner adjustment feature eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

Vertical/horizon keystone
Vertical/horizon keystone
 corner adjustment

Keystone can correct and adjust distorted images into a more symmetric shape.

* LightStream™ Projector PJD6 series supports vertical/ horizon keystone and corner adjustment ;
LightStream™ Projector PJD5 series supports horizon keystone

Cool 3D puts you right in the scene Instantly fall into stunning stereo space

Support for DLP® Link technology gives you the amazing capabilities to experience exciting 3D visual effects. To unlock 3D capabilities on the ViewSonic LightStream™ 3D-ready projectors, all that are needed are ViewSonic 3D active shutter glasses, 3D content, and a 3D-enabled video card. Unleash a vivid 3D experience with ViewSonic LightStream™ projectors today.

 ViewSonic LightStream™ 3D-ready projectors

Rich I/O ports Satisfying multi-projection needs

With embedded rich I/O ports, LightStream™ projector has flexible compatibility with high-definition digital video and audio, as well as conventional analog-based applications and industrial applications, such as RS-232, without adapters or converters. A variety of applications include PC, notebooks, gaming consoles, conventional analog-signal players, set top boxes, IPCs, etc.

Rich I/O ports


PortAll connection Enjoy high-definition multimedia to the furthest extent

The HDMI/MHL “PortAll”, converts LightStream™ projector into smart TV by streaming multimedia such as movies, music, and games from smartphones or tablet PCs. Smartphone users can play Full HD 1080p video on a large than 100” screen over Infinite MediaGo while charging their phones. Millions of online entertainment contents await you. Besides, users can also plug in HDMI dongle (WPG-300 - Wireless Presentation Dongle - optional), allowing users to wirelessly stream Full HD 1080p multimedia content and documents from mobile devices to ViewSonic projectors. With a simple step of plug-in, presenters can wirelessly project from Windows or Mac laptops, as well as Android or iOS devices, enjoying cable-free projection with more flexibility and convenience.

PortAll connection

Smart sensor Instant activation upon signal connection

DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling )
Power saving: when there’s no signal can power saving 30%, projector can power on after press any key Signal power on: after power off (power consumption < 0.5W), projector can power on after plug VGA cable
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)After set CEC on for projector, projector can power on by connecting HDMI cable with DVD player

Smart sensor

Smart Restart Instant reactivation during presentation

With Smart Restart, the projector automatically enters a 3-minute standby mode when it is idle and turns down the projection to a power-saving 30% brightness. During standby mode, you can quickly and conveniently reactivate the projector for continued use without waiting for a complete power cycle.

Smart Restart

Quick Power Off Leave without the wait

Quick shut down in seconds because of smart electric and lamp designs are time-saving improvements that lead towards efficiency and energy savings.

Quick Power Off

Auto Power Off Clever signal sensor

Power Saving: Every Time When no signal is detected, the projector will automatically power off after a user-defined amount of time – another feature to save electricity, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the projector. Sleep Timer: Every Day Forgetting to shut off projectors is a common occurrence, particularly in public classrooms or meeting rooms. The sleep timer allows administrators to set up a timer to shut it the projector after a period of inactivity.

reduce energy consumption

Exclusive DynamicEco™ Technology Up to 70% power savings

With the DynamicEco™ button on the remote control, users can take command of presentations by dimming the screen brightness by 70%. DynamicEco™ mode is auto-activated whenever the projector is idle—allowing users to easily shift the audience’s focus away from the presentation and back to the presenter when the projector is not in use. When idle, the projector will auto-activate DynamicEco™ mode as well. When DynamicEco™ mode is activated, the lamp’s power consumption is significantly reduced with low noise for longer lamp life - a great energy-saving design that lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

DynamicEco™ Technology

Cooling Case Unique housing for better ventilation

To cool down the projector lamp, ViewSonic has designed a special mechanical structure to address this thermal challenge. Air can flow smoothly from one end of the projector to the other without constriction. Not only greatly guarantee the life time of projector, but also an important design factor when consumers are choosing projectors.

Cooling Case

Intelligent Fan design Cooling and low noise

An advanced built-in thermal sensor and control design with a big-sized fan effectively keeps the LightStream™ projector cool while intelligently minimizing fan speed, reducing noise, and saving on energy consumption.

Fan design and low noise

Anti-dust filter More durable and more reliable

The anti-dust filter and lens cover (optional) effectively prevents dust from entering and affecting the thermal system, as well as protects projector lenses from dust and accidental scratches. It prolongs the projector’s durability and lifespan, and also appropriate form external large-scale space use and environment with more dust.

lens cover

Top Lamp Door design Easy replacement and maintenance

The thoughtfully designed lamp door makes lamp maintenance and replacement easy. Located at the top of the projector, there’s no need to dismantle the projector, even if it’s hanging from the ceiling, to access the lamp. This user-friendly design saves time and effort for maintenance personnel in businesses and schools, and is easy enough that just about anyone can do it.

replacement easy

Audio pass-through Continued speaker use during stand-by

Whether for personal enjoyment or use during educational lectures, when a LightStream™ projector is in stand-by mode and not projecting images, its built-in speaker can continue to be used. During this time, the speaker can also be used as an audio output for another LightStream™ projector.

audio output

Video Pass-Through Images transmission out as stand-by mode

When a LightStream™ projector is in stand-by mode and not projecting images, it can still transmit video to another LightStream™ projector for special purposes, such as a one-to-many viewing scenario.

Video Pass-Through

Control 8 projectors with only one remote Instantaneous and convenient!

Set up up to 8 projectors in the same venue through a single remote control for effortless projector selection, configuration and operation during lessons or meetings. As reflected during market research, this user-friendly operational interface and functionality is very much desired in many projector usage scenarios.

Control 8 projectors

Customized “My Button” Set up your favorite hotkey

Finding a function on a remote control or through the on-screen menu can be time-consuming. The extra convenient programmable “My Button” hotkey saves time by allowing users to program it to launch a commonly used or desired function.

Customized “My Button”

Mouse-like control Handy operation

Constantly switching between your remote and mouse when presenting in business meetings? The ViewSonic LightStream remote not only possess function settings, mouse left and right-click buttons are also provided to navigate through presentation slides or control a connected PC for all-in-one inclusive control.

Mouse-like control

No need to worry! The presenter timer helps you manage your time

LightStream™ projector can also be your personal time manager to prevent you from going overtime again! An embedded on-screen timer assists presenters in managing their times to avoid presentation over-runs that causes potential delays during scheduled sessions.

personal time manager

World’s first projector-embedded teaching tools Excellent patterns and templates

The LightStream™ projector is ViewSonic’s first projector product line with built-in pattern templates such as tables, grids, worksheets, and charts on which teachers and students can draw when using an interactive projection. Not only do built-in patterns save time, but also portray professionalism and allow interaction with students and listeners instantly. The results are fast illustrations with straight lines every time.

pattern templates

Security settings Unauthorized login prevention

For safety consideration and additional security, LightStream™ projectors are equipped with security setting selections allowing administrators to create and manage different user accounts. To prevent unauthorized use, the projector will automatically shut down following 5 incorrect logins.

Security settings

Security bar Additional theft prevention and safety measure

To take safety measures further, this secondary lock loop can be used to secure the projector for additional theft prevention or, for ceiling installations, to prevent the projector from accidental detachment and falling.

Security bar

Kensington Lock Support Strengthen theft prevention

The LightStream™ projector is also equipped with a Kensington security slot which can help prevent projector theft when used in public venues.

Kensington Lock Support

Easy Central Management System Maintain up to 256 projectors at once

LightStream™ projectors are equipped with Crestron RoomView® network management software, AMX certification and industry standard PJ-Link. Administrators can sit in front of PC and maintain up to 256 LightStream™ projectors remotely through RS232, USB, LAN IP or VGA/DVI/HDMI interfaces. ViewSonic LightStream™ projector is equipped with a complete built-in network control system which includes Crestron RoomView® network management software, AMX certification and industry standard PJ-Link. Together, they offer network administrators an effortless centralized control of up to 256 projectors with an advanced, real-time alert system that sends status updates regarding power, lamp life and unit presence to simplify maintenance efforts. This network control software is an efficient and easy-to-maintain system that is ideally suited for educational institutes.

256 LightStream™ projectors remotely

Convenient device integration with interactive module

Reserved screw holes situated beneath the LightStream™ projector lens allow convenient installation of interactive modules with no additional setup or holes to drill. This feature not only maintains the projector's clean aesthetics, but significantly reduces the threshold of installation such that even non-professionals can easily and conveniently complete interactive module installations.

Reserved screw holes

Useful closed caption function Training for language lessons (Some Northern US channels)

The built-in closed caption subtitle decoding function supports audio-lingual training for language lessons and a more interactive learning environment. Hide subtitles to encourage students to listen more attentively to characters’ dialogues.

closed caption function