Saving counter space with an interactive pen display for document writing and signing

Contracts and service plans for telecommunications and government sectors usually involve a number of document signing. With so many customers to service, time is short and more efficient ways are required to deal with the large amount of paperwork involved. ViewSonic Pen Display solutions allows customers to read their contracts on the display, and sign off electronically.Benefits include a more centralized document organization, and new technology is widely accepted by today's Internet-savvy customers.


Eliminating paper forms and modernizing contracts through an electronic process can eliminate up to 50-150 sheets a day, by transforming into a completely digital solution.


Service plans, contracts, and agreements saved on the server will make retrieving much easier. Rather than having an employee digging through a file cabinet looking for last year's invoice, opting for a more efficient solution will save time.


ViewSign software supports converting documents into PDF file and readies them for signing. This improves customer experience when they arrive at the telecom center or governemnt service center.

Write as if it were pen and paper

Upon arrival at a hotel, customers can fill out personal information on the pen display as if they were writing on pen and paper. Hotel clerks no longer need to spend time printing or costs on paper storage.

Illustrate the essential points by highlighting

Staff could use the highlighter function to mark important parts of the document for customers to focus on.

Signing and saving documents

Customers can directly sign forms or credit card slips on the pen display. All signed documents are sealed with a Certificate Authority preventing further changes to the document. A copy of the file could be emailed to the customer if needed.


Chou Han Qin shares how their Jiaxing Society Security Bureau of
Affairs implemented ViewSonic Pen Display and how much paper they've saved

Boosting Your Hotel’s Brand Image

When customers arrive at your service center, their overall experience is a deciding factor whether they will visit again. It also leaves a lasting impression on their perceived brand image. Upgrading your service center's technology can improve customer experience, creating a good impression and high customer retention.


With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure your entire customer’s private information is protected. All documents are saved with a Certificate Authority preventing outsiders from tampering with your customer’s information.


Implementing pen display solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, our experienced guides will help your bank with the set up. Documents and data can be easily integrated with our software and ready to use.


Reducing paper and printing costs is environmentally friendly and leaves your business with a positive brand image.

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