Paperless solution for greater efficiency for healthcare providers

Dealing with paperwork every day is tiring. Health care workers are often frustrated by the amount of paperwork they need to take care of resulting their time and energy being diverted from their actual purpose. The average number of forms the average person signs when they arrive at the emergency department amounts up to eight different forms. If nurses and doctors spent most of their day finding the right documents for patients to sign, then they can’t focus on their main task- providing quality health care to patients.


Forms could be digitized, replacing old paper-intensive processes for forms and records, while keeping compliance requirements for protecting patient information. Patients could read the whole document on the screen and see their signature appear as they sign the consent form using pen and paper.


New patient registration forms, patient consent forms, patient records, all contribute to the growing amount of paper stacked in storage rooms. All documents signed on the pen display is d stored on the server. In case of customer disputes, document retrieval is quick and easy.


Serve customers and clients faster by pulling out agreement or forms on the pen display for them to sign instead of wasting time printing.

Draw and make annotations

Patients can directly write on the pen display as if it were writing on pen and paper. This function is useful for filling out general forms and basic information. All annotations will be saved in the document. Users could choose between different pen color and sizes.

Illustrate the essential points by highlighting

Nurses and administrative staff could use the highlighter function to mark important parts of the document for patients to focus on.

Signing and saving documents

Patients can directly sign adminsitrative forms, medical forms on the pen display. Nurses no longer have to waste no time by having to print paper. All signed documents are sealed with a Certificate Authority preventing further changes to the document. A copy of the file could be emailed to the patient if needed.


Watch where you can implement pen displays within your hospital or institution and how it can benefit you

A Secure and Easy Process

More and more health and medical institutions are utilizing electronic forms as it reduces medical errors, gives doctors better access to data, and improve quality of treatment. By using ViewSonic Pen Displays, patients will be able to sign registration and consent forms, offering a user-friendly paper-like writing experience.


With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure your entire customer’s private information is protected. All signatures undergo double encryption according to the highest industry standards.


Implementing pen display solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, our experienced guides will help your bank with the set up. Documents and data can be easily integrated with our software and ready to use.


Reducing paper and printing costs is environmentally friendly and leaves your bank with a positive brand image.

Usage Cases
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