Q1: How do I install the driver?

There are two drivers that need to be installed, Displaylink (used to connect displays to computer via USB) and electromagnetic pen driver. Both updated drivers are provided in the CD-ROM and also found online (Product > Downloads).

Q2: I just finished installing Displaylink, I’ve connected the pen display, why is the screen still blank?

  • Make sure that the computer display card supports this driver and confirm that the correct installation is complete
  • Confirm whether the USB port can provide +5 V power, there may be insufficient power supply (using too many extension cords may be a reason) caused by poor data transmission. Try changing a computer or USB cable and try again.
  • If you are still unable to turn it on, contact your dealer or ViewSonic technician.
  • Q3: I’ve installed the electromagnetic pen driver, the screen is lit, but my pen doesn’t work.

  • Please confirm that the electromagnetic pen driver has installed correctly, and check whether there are anti-virus programs and firewalls.
  • Check if there are any other pen display drivers that may conflict with the electromagnetic pen driver. Remove it and reinstall the ViewSonic pen driver.
  • If the electromagnetic pen is still inoperable, contact your dealer or ViewSonic technician.
  • Q4: Why is the positioning of the handwriting on the device incorrect?

    Check whether the orientation of the handwriting device is positioned in horizontal or vertical mode (figure 1). Open the Pen Display Manager and under “Orientation” select Horizontal or Vertical.

    Q5: How do I replace the tip of the electromagnetic pen?

    We recommend using a clip or other auxiliary tools to gently pull the old pen tip from the electromagnetic pen. To add the new pen tip into the pen, gently push it inside.

    Q6: Does the tablet have to be connected before the computer system is turned on? Will it affect the lifespan?

    The tablet can be connected before or after the system is turned on. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended that the device is unplugged.

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