24 inch Full HD 144Hz FreeSync 1ms Response Time Low Input Lag Gaming Monitor

XG2402 is a 1080p gaming monitor featuring a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and FreeSync compatibility, providing all the performance essentials required for gamers looking to step into the competitive gaming scene. This ultra-responsive gaming monitor keeps you a step ahead of your competition and virtually eliminates any screen tearing and stuttering to give you super smooth gameplay through fast-paced sequences. In addition to top-notch screen performance, XG2402 is the first monitor stylized with RampageX on the back of the monitor, which is a unique design feature that radiates a subtle red glow onto your gaming environment to compliment your RGB peripherals. XG2402 comes equipped with optimized gaming presets such as FPS and ColorX modes, as well as 3 Custom modes that allow you to choose from a wide range of adjustable settings, including 22 levels of black stabilization, 5 levels of responsiveness, and more, for a gaming experience that fits your needs perfectly. Once you have established your favorite presets, switching between them while in-game is swift and easy via the gaming hotkey, which gives you access to all preset and custom gaming modes with the push of a button.


Full Featured Performance
Your Time to Shine

  • Eliminates screen tearing with 1ms, 144Hz performance and AMD FreeSync Technology.
  • Unique Rampage X lighting and design suits all gaming setups.
  • ColorX preset mode for optimized game play and multiple settings for customization.

Visual Fluidity With AMD FreeSync

Equipped with AMD FreeSync™ technology, the ViewSonic XG2402 seamlessly synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor with a FreeSync range of 48-144Hz, effectively eliminating image tearing, stuttering and jerkiness for smooth gameplay.

AMD FreeSync

Faster than Your Opposition

This monitor's ultra-fast 1ms response time delivers smooth images without ghosting, while 5 levels of fine-tuned rampage response give you personalized control. During fast-paced action sequences, you'll be glad your monitor reacts as quickly as you do.


Rampage X Lighting

A unique design on the back of the monitor that radiates red lighting to elevate the aesthetic appeal of our gaming environment.

Rampage X Lighting
Black Stabilization

Clear Vision

Included Black Stabilization provides heightened visibility by independently manipulating the brightness scale of dark areas, ensuring no one can hide from your sights. An additional two levels provides gamers with 22-Levels of scalability, enhancing their control over the shadows.


Speed & Vision Made Easy With ColorX

The XG2402 includes the integrated ColorX mode, a color and performance tuned preset which grants gamers hassle free improved in-game vision and reduced motion blur in one easy, pre-configured mode.


Support For Your Optimal Resolution And Size

The XG2402 allows gamers to change between four different sizes or take advantage of Viewscale to freely scale the screen content to any custom size. Play in your favorite resolution and aspect ratio with or without black bars.



  1. The XG2402 offers height adjustment.
  2. In addition to tilt and pivot functionality.
  3. And an improved design featuring an independent neck and base.
  4. A built-in cable routing design limits cable clutter.
  5. Our improved base features a reduced footprint, allowing keyboards to be positioned around and over it.
  6. Flicker-free technolgy & a Blue Light Filter help to eliminate eyestrain that comes with extended viewing periods.




    Size: 24" (16:9)
    Panel Technology: TN
    Display Area: 24" (531.36x298.89)
    Optimum Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
    Brightness: 350 cd/m²
    Contrast Ratio: 1000 :1 (Typ.)
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 120,000,000 :1
    Viewing Angle: 170° (H) / 160° (V)
    Response Time: 1ms (GTGσ)
    Backlight Life: 30000 Hrs (Min.)
    Colours: 16.7 M
    Panel Surface: Anti-Glare type, Hard-coating (3H)
    Digital: HDMI/DisplayPort
    Frequency: Fh = 15 ~180 kHz ; Fv = 24 ~120 Hz for HDMI
    Fh = 15 ~180 kHz ; Fv = 24 ~120 Hz for DP
    Sync: TMDS/PCI-E
    PC: 1920x1080
    Mac®: 1920x1080



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