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The ViewSonic air panel V110 Smart Display is all about freedom. Freedom to remotely access all the data on your Windows XP-based PC. Freedom to enjoy a WIRELESS COMPUTING EXPERIENCE – without bulky power supplies and tangled wires. The TRULY PORTABLE 10" air panel V110 works as an extension of your PC. View your computer desktop, just as though you were in front of your monitor. Create and edit documents as if you were sitting at your desk without sacrificing storage space or functionality. Enjoy your freedom.

Share with family
Now, each of your family can share the benefit from airpanel V110, you and your family don't have to sit in fron of the computer, just acces the computer anywhere at home with your fingertips. Get added enjoyment from your computing experience by computing where and when you want. Remotely access files, applications and/or data from any room in your home wirelessly. Leave your mouse and keyboard behind. Navigate and enter data using only a stylus with the touch-sensitive screen.


Industry first
ViewSonic airpanel series wireless diplays are the first wireless display utilizing Microsoft® Smart Display technology. It can seamlessly work with any computers which have Windows XP Professional installed, this gives you maximum compatibility and portability.

IEEE 802.11b Wireless Network
IEEE802.11b is widely used in computer wireless networks, it is the industry standard. And the airpanel communicates with Window XP computers via this industry-standard protocol, this ensures airpanel can work with large number of wirless network hardward and software without any incompatibility.

Easy to recharge
You can easily recharge your airpanel V110 with the optional dock. When you need to take V110 with you, just grab it and go!

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