2,000 Lumens 1080p Home Projector

  • Rec.709 colour coverage
  • 6X speed RGBRGB colour wheel
  • ISF calibration modes
  • vColor Tuner and projector software
  • Dual HDMI inputs
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ViewSonic’s PX725HD is a 2,000 ANSI Lumens 1080p projector equipped with a 6X Speed RGBRGB colour wheel and ViewSonic’s exclusive Cinema SuperColor™ technology. PX725HD projects razor-sharp images in incredible Rec.709 colour so you can experience movie scenes just as the director intended. With ISF Certified calibration, technicians are able to fine-tune projector settings to match your personal usage and preferences. PX725HD features an innovative colour profile exchange tool, vColorTuner, which allows users to exchange variety of colour profiles, bringing you a more versatile cinematic colour experience. ViewSonic Projector Software Update is available online and gives you the ability to keep your projector firmware up to date easily and conveniently. PX725HD’s multiple HDMI ports and SonicExpert technology allow you to experience excellent HD video and audio in the comfort of your living room, making PX725HD a complete home theatre projection solution.

Bold Cinematic Colour

The projector achieves incredible international Rec.709 HDTV standard for colour accuracy, producing the jaw-dropping cinematic colour you would expect at a cinema.

Rec.709Colour Accuracy

Smooth Colour Transitions

The 6X Speed RGBRGB colour wheel optimises Rec. 709 colour by using a special coating that filters segments of the RGB spectrum to intensify reds, blues, and greens, while also focusing on hue and saturation enhancement to project images with smooth colour gradients.

6X Speed RGBRGBColour Wheel

Professional Image Calibration

With ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified calibration tools built-in, ISF-certified technicians can provide on-site tuning of Day and Night modes to fine-tuned settings based on your preferences for bright and dark environments.

ISF Calibration Modes

Powerful Sound

Designed with ViewSonic’s proprietary SonicExpert® technology, the speakers have been given an enlarged chamber and a more powerful amplifier to deliver immersive sound.


Cinematic Colour Schemes

ViewSonic exclusive Cinema SuperColor™ Technology has opened up the ability to optimise movie colour schemes with colour modes, such as the Complementary Colour Scheme or Analogous Colour Scheme that can be used to create aesthetic colour harmonies.

Cinema SuperColor™ Technology

Bring the Viewing Experience to Life

Experience the energetic atmosphere of game day with your friends from the comfort of your home. ViewSonic’s Sport Mode provides stunning colour performance by boosting green hues found on the field when watching sporting events to make them feel more lifelike.
5 Colour Modes of PX725HD:

  • Brightest Mode: For bright environments where the projector must operate at maximum brightness
  • Sport Mode: Enhancements to green hues that make the colours found on the field when watching sporting events feel more realistic
  • Standard Mode: Familiar colour similar to that of a PC or Notebook
  • Gaming Mode: Colour temperature that enhance visibility for gaming
  • Movie Mode(Rec.709): Colour enhancements that improve the viewing experience when in dark ambient light environments
5 Colour Modes

Responsive Gaming Control

3X Fast Input allows your in-game commands to be represented on-screen immediately, giving you a competitive advantage when gaming and taking the entire experience to a higher level.

3X Fast Input

Variety of Colour Profiles Support

With the vColorTuner colour profile exchange tool you can easily upload or download different colour profiles and manage them on the projector via the mini USB port, giving you a more versatile cinematic colour experience.


Extensive Connectivity for HD Devices

Dual HDMI ports provide enough connectivity to support any of your HDMI multimedia devices, so you can enjoy big screen experience anytime.


A Simpler Way to Update Projector Software

ViewSonic Projector Software Update is available online and gives you the ability to keep your projector firmware up to date easily and conveniently; no need to take your projector in to a service center for software updates.

Projector Software Update

User-friendly Control

PX725HD comes with a backlit remote control that makes operating the projector simple, especially in the dark.

Backlit Design

Exterior & Rear I/O Connectors

  1. Keypad
  2. LED indicator
  3. Lamp Cover
  4. Zoom/Focus
  5. Projection Lens
  6. Front IR
  7. Dual HDMI
  8. Computer in
  9. RS232
  10. Video
  11. Audio in(RCA R/L)
  12. Audio in/out
  13. USB 5V/1.5A
  14. Mini USB for Service
  15. Kensington lock


    Native Resolution: 1920x1080
    DC type: DC3
    Brightness: 2000
    Contrast Ratio with SuperEco mode: 22000:1
    Display Color: 1.07 Billion Colors
    Light Source: Lamp
    Light source life (Nor/SuperEco): 3500/7000
    Lamp Watt: 240W
    Lens: F=2.6-2.7, f=22-24mm
    Projection Offset: 117.6%+/-10%
    Throw Ratio: 1.5-1.65
    Image size: 30" - 300"
    Throw Distance: 1m-10.0m (100"@3.32m)
    Keystone: ±40° (Vertical)
    Optical Zoom: 1.1x
    Digital Zoom: 0.8x ~ 2.0x
    Audible Noise (Eco): 34 / 30dB
    Response Time: 16ms
    Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to FullHD(1920 x 1080)
    HDTV Compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HDTV, SDTV
    Horizontal Frequency: 15k~102kHz
    Vertical Scan Rate: 23~120Hz
  • Input
    Computer in: 1
    Composite: 1
    Audio-in (3.5mm): 1
    Audio-in (RCA R/L): 1
    HDMI: 2 (HDMI 1.4/ HDCP 1.4)
  • Output
    Audio out (3.5mm): 1
    Speaker: 8W Cube
    USB type A (Power): 1 (5V/ 1.5A)